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This chair is comfy...

After a two year hiatus from working out, I joined a gym yesterday. I know what you are thinking, two years is a long time. Well that was the last time I was in Pullman as a student where one of the nicest gyms in the state is included in tuition. I was probably in there at least four or five days a week. So after I transferred to WSU Vancouver for my senior year I was left without such an amenity. The Vancouver campus did have a room with a few treadmills and weight sets but there was no motivation for me to head over to campus and use such a small facility. Yeah that was lazy of me, but it really wasn’t appealing.

Now that I have settled into my job and my new place it is definitely time to get back on track. It is exciting to think about the idea of getting back into shape. It will also be nice to have another outlet of energy since working on graphics and websites all day keeps me glued to a chair. It will also be a good time to make use of my Protector Plus. The gym is only a few miles away so if I have a break in at home the Protector Plus will give me a ring on my cell phone and I can quickly return to asses the situation. I haven’t heard of any other alarm systems that call you directly. I can remember staying at friend’s houses as a kid and setting off their alarm as we snuck around the house at night. After a loud siren and angry parents eventually came a call from the alarm company. The angry parents soon became angrier as they were notified of the false alarm fee their company charged. I know that I couldn’t afford to pay extra money every time I accidentally set off my alarm. Did it just the other day actually. Early in the morning I opened the back door to step out on the patio for some air and boom there goes the siren. It seems that in my morning condition of grogginess I neglected to realize that the backdoor had a door sensor as well. So I cut the siren. That was it…no fines


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Looks like you have a new "alarm clock" too huh? That Protector Plus siren has some decibels! It's a great device!

Good luck with the gym... i know how difficult that is... I'm still justifying cost as my way of not enrolling anywhere! (actually, it's just laziness to tell you the truth)... some day though... hopefully...

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