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Opening Pandora's Music Box

So what do you think of the satellite radio craze? I personally am not impressed. I believe the future of radio, along with many things, is the internet. They made a nice connection when they made the satellite receivers adapt to home and automobile, but still isn’t something I’m too interested in. Why? Well I have been introduced to Pandora, the music genome project. Basically Pandora is a website that takes your favorite artists and music styles and creates radio stations around them. For example, I like Elliott smith but due to his passing won’t be getting any new music from him any time soon. So I put his name into Pandora and I get a radios station filled with songs by him and tons of artists similar to his style. In the past months I’ve discovered several artists that I’m thrilled with, which is surprising since a few people I know consider me a music snob (but I think I just really like talented musicians only).
So you’re probably thinking, “He sits at his computer a lot!” Well no, you see I got a Lola Music System a few months ago and have been discovering its many uses since. The lola sends the audio, and video if I want, from my computer to my home stereo. So I just logon and walk away, letting Pandora and Lola do the rest. Sirius, blah, I’ve got Pandora.


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I am more interested in having a "Receiver" that connects to the internet and then I can access Radio Stations websites all over the world. For Example, if I want to listen to a Radio Station that I am familiar with, say: www.wqxr.com which is based in NYC, even if I was travelling in other states, how can I access that say in my Car radio? Any ideas out there?


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