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Gridiron and Chores

Football season is just about here! I have to tell you that it hasn’t always been my favorite sport to watch, but the past few seasons have been more enjoyable. Why? Well the Seahawks are finally something to talk about, and my cougar pride has finally developed into something real. You see – I went to school mostly because I thought I probably should. I also knew that down the road I’d need my diploma to get my feet in certain doors. I’m not a book person, and love to learn by doing. But I graduated in 4 years – a little less in fact. During this time I had a lot of opportunity to stroll down to the stadium and catch a Saturday football game. It didn’t seem that important or amazing back then, but now that I’m so far removed from Pullman and WSU I can’t wait for the games to start towards the end of summer.

Saturday, I went to a very nice sports bar and restaurant to watch the Seahawks preseason game. Upon entering my friend asked that we be seated by a big screen so we could watch the game. The waitress smiled and seated us in front of a theater sized screen. It was pretty amazing to catch a game at a restaurant in Tacoma, sitting in a recliner drinking my favorite beer of the moment. The ironic thing about that restaurant is that, as nice as it is, there were probably less than 30 customers their. Tacoma is a growing city – especially with UW- Tacoma going 4 year. It seems the local entrepreneurs and restaurant owners have to be especially careful about timing and location in the city.

Watching the game it got me thinking about the upcoming season. Working at X10 keeps me very busy during the week so I like to make the most of my weekends. I think that the VideoSender will help me keep track of the game while I run around the house doing chores. I’m gonna hook it up to the main tv with cable downstairs and broadcast it two the two TV’s upstairs so I won’t miss a play. Now if I only had a flat screen for the garage I’d be set.


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I'm amped to get the VideoSender, I can't even lie. So new! So shiny!

So what is your favorite beer?

It always strikes me as odd when Americans talk about their favorite beer...they don't even know the REAL beer, namely German beer!

Your favorite web producer,

Marko :)

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