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Master and VCR Commander

Lately I’ve been after a bigger prize, a Salmon. It’s been a few years since I’ve gone fishing more than once in a season and maybe even longer since I caught a decent Salmon.

One of my good friends has been gracious enough to lead the expeditions. Acting like a professional tour guide he winds the leaders and baits the hooks. There’s a masculine feeling that comes about when you are out in the massiveness of commencement bay in a boat that sometimes looks as though it might just give into the huge waves rolling away from larger vessels. It’s actually a sweet little boat when there are just two of us in it. A few weekends ago we had three and with the size of me and some of my friends – the little boat felt more like a raft. At one point, right in the middle of the bay, I changed seating location to see if it would help the boat plane out across the water any better. A few seconds later we heard a sound that I can only relate to something like the world ending. Ok so maybe not that bad, but we went from scooting along the water to being forcefully stopped immediately. Seems the new weight balance wasn’t one the motor was a fan of.

Right I was talking about fishing itself. On our first outing my line had a hit that I knew had to be a decent salmon. Unfortunately the friction relented and by the time I pulled my line out I could see the big one had got away. Ironically my herring was swimming headless, side by side with a baby salmon – each on a separate hook. I had caught my Salmon but it was definitely too small to eat or keep. It’s almost as if the big fish was on to me and decided to play a little joke on me by putting one of his favorite little brothers on the other hook. I have to give it to him, I was amused. A few minutes later I hooked a dogfish – which basically looks like an ugly little brown shark. When I was younger I won a fishing rod at the derby for netting a 10 pound dogfish. Since I don’t know anyone who would eat such a fish it was back into the water for that guy.

My buddy and I aren’t giving up. We are going to re-gear and head back out soon. He actually pulled out a sweet new toy for our last outing – a portable fish finder. Knowing of my exceptional X10 gadget installation skills, he had me set it up out of the box. It’s pretty cool – it looks kinda like a videosender that sits inside a holster. One end of it sits in the water and through some sort of electronic pulses it searches below for depth, water temp, and fish. No luck yet – but soon – soon enough.


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Hey Owen...

Actually, right now is a great time for fishing silvers.... the best way is to use a float/bobber along with a cutplug herring..... make sure you give a little more drag to your reel to give the fish a chance to run after it hits your bait so it doesn't snap the line.

i'm planing on doing some fishing soon and i love going after the Silvers as they are very aggressive....

I'll keep you posted as to how my venture goes... hopefully it'll be as humorous as yours!


Thanks for the note mike!
We have been alternating between buzz bombs and herring - in certain parts of the sound live bait is a sure fire way to catch something.

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