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The Lola Report: Number 3

If I had known in college that I could send my music wirelessly to my stereo I probably would have never left my apartment. I will say I never suffered or went without my electronics. My friend Shelby has started kidding around about how many gadgets I have in my house. Yeah I suppose I like technology about as much as Kip does from Napoleon Dynamite. If you catch me in the right mood you might find me singing that song of his. Anyway, this weeks Lola Report shines a light again on a few lesser known artists.

This week Matt Pond PA and Bernard Fanning.

-Matt Pond PA-

One evening in my apartment I was letting Pandora.com decide what to listen to. I seem to do this a lot when I’m running low on music I haven’t played over and over again. I typed in Elliott Smith – so Pandora created a radio station of similar artists. After a few decent songs and a few by Elliot Smith himself I heard a song that I really liked. This is my process, find a song you really like – research the artist on Wikipedia – and download a cd.

Matt Pond is a singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania of course. He writes relaxing songs with interesting arrangements of guitar, cello, keyboards, and drums. The name itself stood out because I had grabbed the cd once before for one of my sisters, but never listened to it myself. In 2005 the released the album Several Arrows Later. It is probably one of the best albums of 2005 in my mind. I am surprised I don’t see them on TV or hear them on the radio. I think that at the moment there is not much room for bands like Matt Pond PA or even a band I mentioned in a previous post – Idiot Ghost. All the kids like Emo, and Screamo, and whatever else goes along with that. You can ask Sara about all that madness, I’m quite sure she knows a lot more than I do. While all the adults are holding onto their 90’s favorites. Grunge was my favorite though – I have to admit.

This band really speaks to me because of the way they are able to blend acoustic guitars with other instruments so well. I play my guitar every day, acoustic that is – because its hard to rock out in a townhouse.

The Good: Acoustic Guitars and Relaxing Vocals
The Bad: Similarities in songs – but who isn’t guilty of that.
Best Song: Is it Safe?

-Bernard Fanning-

Yet another great artist that Pandora has brought to my attention.

Bernard Fanning is the man behind the Australian band Powderfinger. After going on hiatus in 2004, Fanning ventured out on a solo project. The result was an album entitled Tea and Sympathy. I just loaded this on my Ipod again recently after giving it a break. After I listened all the way through yesterday I thought to myself, “This whole album is actually good”.
Fanning’s style reminds me of Ben Harper in a way, but his songs are lighter and easier to relate to. If you like crisp clear vocals then this album is for you. He has done very well in Australia but I haven’t heard much about him in the States. He writes his songs about a lot of things, but isn’t shy about keeping a personal tone to his lyrics.

The Good: His Voice and Lyrics.
The Bad: Hmm – I’m sure I can think of something.
Best Song: Wish You Well.


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