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You know, that, or his dudeness, or duder, or el duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

He’s not Lebowski man. He’s the dude.

Incase you haven’t seen it – The Big Lebowski is my favorite movie. Something about the carefree nature of the Dude himself makes the bizarreness of the whole movie itself much easier to digest. I do like bowling and being lazy, but not to the extent that Lebowski does in the movie. That’s literally all he does – lounge around and bowl.

He is of course out to solve a mystery. Due to a few identity mix-ups his rug was pee’d on and the real Lebowski’s daughter kidnapped. Yep – they pee’d on his rug. And it really tied the room together. The story follows the Dude (Jeff Bridges) on his quest to eliminate the problems plaguing him since the big identity confusion.

So yeah, what does this have to do with anything Owen? You ask – from your slightly uncomfortable computer chair. Well – if the story were true – a guy like Lebowski would love X10 Products. Not only could he control his favorite Creedence tapes with an X10 remote – but he could also turn lights and appliances on or off with the push of a remote button. Better yet he could have his whole house on motion sensor lighting controls from NewtoX10. A Protector Plus and Sentinel Camera would be more than enough to keep his rug bandits out and prevent and harm done from ferrets and nihilists.

Friday is here and tomorrow is Brew day at my place. Ten gallons (atleast) to be boiled up and the process started. I’m gonna try to get Marko over to let him in on my secret beer brewing processes, but since I’ve bailed on the idea so many weekends in the past – he is thinking it will be the case again. It’s gonna happen – 11am (or so)!


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