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Labor Day Weekend...

I have to take my music seriously now. Why’s that? Well I finally bought myself a guitar worthy of bragging about. My labor day began with a vibrating cell phone sliding across my desk at 7 am. Groggily I answered to my friend reminding me of Guitar Center’s annual early bird sale. I dragged my roommate out of bed and took the five minute drive to guitar center. I find it very distracting working 5 minutes from the Tukwila store, and living the same distance from the Tacoma store.

There were people in chairs – as if they’d been camping out there since 5 am. An employee greeted us with a few coupons and the specials list. I scanned the deals for anything eye catching, the only thing I was really impressed with was an electric guitar at 60% off. As soon as I walked through the door I saw that guitar already in someone else’s paws. It turned out to be one of the guys who had camped out. I figured he must have really wanted it so I stayed clear of grabbing it out of his hands. Instead I roamed around the place looking for something to catch my eye. A few things I wanted didn’t pan out so I went to poke around the acoustic guitar section. After playing a few favorite songs for my endearing guitar center fans I spotted a guitar I hadn’t seen in previous visits. Taylor makes a guitar called the “Big Baby”, named after its 15/16th scale size. Basically it’s a little big smaller than your typical acoustic guitar. I’ve been quietly playing with the idea of buying such a guitar for months, and as I play just about every night I figured now was the time. I keep you updated on it.

Saturday I watched the Cougars get slaughtered by an overpowering Auburn team. I’m afraid to say that I’m still not an Alex Brink Fan. He and Doba go hand in hand, in their personalities on the field. A quarterback should be a confident leader who can avoid being rattled by opponents. Gary Rodgers displayed some of that. We’ll see what comes of it.

Sunday I went fishing for salmon out in commencement bay. My two friends and I combined pulled up 10 salmon. Unfortunately not a single one of them were big enough to even consider breaking out the tin foil and lemon. It was still a blast having that much action out on the water.

And Monday, after my guitar outing it was off to bumbershoot. I am typically not impressed with bumbershoot lineups but 2006 was decent. My friends and I planned our attack – Rocky Votolato – Zach Galifinakis – Sparta – Atmosphere. We managed success in all but Zach. Theres a few gripes I have about bumbershoot, mainly the show attendance format. In order to get a spot for the headline show of the night you typically have to arrive around 11am for a reserve ticket. Then you have to run around all day lining up for show hoping you leave one show soon enough to meet the cut off for attending the next. Eh, I don’t really have a solution so I’ll stop my whining.

I’m back at work today ready to give my attention to our new project. We are still collecting data from our survey. Soon enough, I hope to be able to give you more information on our new product. I really think it will improve the daily interactions of those who use it. Don’t worry I won’t keep you in the dark much longer. Just give us a little more time to make it perfect and you’ll be able to enjoy it your own home.


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