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The Lola Report: Number 4

So our new project is really starting to take shape. I’m sure in no time I’ll be using it in my own home so I can get a more personal interaction with those I care about. I almost forgot to do my weekly Lola report. I have to pay homage to the music that gets my through the week, and the wireless music sender that lets me have a great deal of freedom in my listening. It’s been nice to be able to switch between the Lola Software and iTunes – I usually just put on the party mix option in iTunes and let Lola do the rest.

This week’s Report Elliot Smith and Everclear.

-Elliot Smith-

The Lola report this week features two different bands/artists that spent a great deal of time in Portland, Oregon. Elliot Smith is known for his deep introspective lyrics focusing on the addictions and other battles he faced in his life. Since he left us in 2003 many artists have paid tribute to the great music and artist that he was. His music reached its highest point when he worked on the soundtrack for Good Will Hunting. His solo career featured songs blending acoustic guitars with melancholy vocals tacked together with poignant lyrics. I know, I know – why would you want to listen to depressing music? That’s what your wondering to yourself. Well I seem to buy in to the idea that a lot of the greatest artists we have had were troubled in some way. But – beyond the subjects of his songs is the greatness of his melodies. Some songs make me think of the Beatles, while others are too uniquely his own for comparison.

The album I’ve had on my iPod all week is either/or. I think this album exemplifies his melodic talents more so than some of his others. It’s a good album to write to, or take a night drive. In one of Smith’s early bands Heatmiser he displayed the ability to push his voice and fall in line with the Portland grunge scene that was around in the early 90’s. Fans of his solo career might be surprised by the heavy guitars and drums surrounding such a usually gentle voice.

The Good: Melodies, Melodies, Melodies…
The Bad: His unfortunate death.
Best Song: Right now I’d have to say angeles.


Let me clarify, early Everclear. I think it was eighth grade when I got my first copy of Sparkle and Fade. You might remember it for its popular song titled Santa Monica, “We can live beside the ocean…” So I played that CD quite a bit in the years that followed. I even enjoyed the follow up of that album, So Much for the Afterglow. I became a little disinterested in the albums that came after the first two. There’s a pop element to the songs that don’t work with what Everclear does best. The band revolves around Art Alexakis, who is the only remaining member since the original lineup split a year or two ago. Luckily for me I discovered a CD that was meant to be there Demo, which capitol later remastered and re-released. World of Noise was made on a tiny budget, but the sound is perfect - Heavy guitars with powerful distortion. I have found through exploring music I like, that often enjoy a bands 1st and 2nd albums more than any other because there is a rawness and straightforwardness to the music. It could be a hard listen for a lot of people, but if you like hard rock I’d suggest it.

The Good: Heavy Guitars, yes!
The Bad: Its not what it used to be
Best Song: Genius Hands

Its Friday and my friend Shelby’s Bday so lets get this work done and go out!


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