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Emo is over, you can all go home now.

Today I had an enjoyable lunch with Marko and Owen in which the virtues of high-strung women were expounded upon. I mostly just sat there and laughed. I can't date high-maintenance people, seriously. My life is exciting enough what with all the going to work and surfing the internet all night, I wouldn't want to overextend myself. The infatuation is fun at first but then it's all, you know. Tempestuous women are too much trouble and boys get all needy and try to put names on things. I don't get it, man. I want a relationship (or...whatever), not Wuthering Heights.

I did get a chocolate frosty at Wendy's, though, so that was a highlight.

I got to write a brief script (type thing) for a new video campaign (...thing. Give me a break, it's so Friday right now.) we're doing, so that was fun. I had a Creative Writing instructor who made us do half a semester of screenwriting, and it was nice to do something sort of vaguely like that again. I think we're going to do some more of those, and by 'we' of course I mean Marko and Owen and then I'll write stuff. Which is what I do. Because I'm the copywriter. (In fact, I'm the very same copywriter mentioned in Mike's interview with Marko. That's what they call me: The Copywriter. It's like a code name, like 007 only with fewer women and fancy girly martinis instead of the regular kind. And I don't drive an Aston Martin. Downgrade.)

I'm going to set up my Video Sender this weekend. If all goes according to plan, I will be watching Lolita (or possibly The Office [UK]. Decisions! Or decision, actually.) from the comfort of my living room couch this evening. Other evening plans: Ben&Jerry's Phish Food, writing things which are not copy, trying to catch my cat in one of her affectionate moods, which unfortunately only tend to happen at eight thirty in the morning when I'm trying to get ready for work and she's dead set on curling up in my lap. Cats.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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