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Introducing Barbara Sehr...

Welcome to the X-10 Community.

The organizers of this page originally planned to offer this space to someone more dignified, knowledgeable, and charming. The call went out to Alistair Cooke, the voice of Masterpiece Theatre on PBS. However, after careful inspection, it was discovered that Mr. Cooke was dead.

This presented a challenge.

Sean Connery was unaffordable (besides having slipped out of the Bond films with a sufficient number of primitive home security devices to satisfy his needs).

Eventually, the call came to me.

I am the very picture of honor and dignity as it is defined today in Washington, DC. I could spell A-l-i-s-t-a-i-r C-o-o-k-e, and I was technically savvy. (I had once programmed the clock on my VCR). The real key to my success of course was that I could be bought for the price of a Robodog.

I am a strong believer in intelligent design. I will go out on a limb and declare that the design of the Space Needle in Seattle is far more intelligent than that of the Experience Music Project.

I believe in intelligent devices like the 12-track player, which I know will make a comeback after the I-Pod fever calms down and someone tells George W. Bush where the nuclear button is.

I believe in intelligent decisions, like passing on my friend’s advice to buy Microsoft at $14/share in 1986 and investing my money in the maker of a six-inch floppy drive totally made out of Jell-O.

It is this kind of class and intelligence that has given me a foothold in the high tech world. I have broken bread (actually a Burgermaster hamburger bun) with Bill Gates, I broke the news to Finis Conner co-founder of Seagate Technology that PCs would never need a hard drive – just as Gates had “told us” we would never need more than 640K of RAM memory.

Most importantly, I was universally ignored.

Until today.
Now I am at the focus of a billion dollar empire that is X-10. Already this week our latest movie broke box office records and is all the buzz from middle school cafeterias to Time-Warner stockholder meetings.

What’s that?

Oh, that was X- Men!

Never mind.


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