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Is the Midnight Bandit in Custody?

X10’s notorious midnight bandit may be in custody on the East Coast!

Executives and security officials at the Kent, Warehouse are traveling to Kentucky and Ohio this week to question two potential suspects in the recent rash of “midnight bandit” attacks at the Kent, Washington warehouse.

One of the men came under suspicion when he called a local law enforcement official to point out his national television premiere on “America’s Most Wanted.” The suspect had been wanted in a number of local bank robberies and received a great deal of attention from the FBI. The suspect was arrested by authorities in Kentucky less than two weeks after appearing on the television show.

The second suspect, also with a history in bank robberies, was serving time in Ohio when he apparently sent in a major donation to a local “crime stoppers” police tip line that had suffered financial setbacks and was unable to pay out promised rewards for tipsters to an unrelated homicide case.

X10 officials say the “midnight bandit” who has tormented the company for weeks is obviously a criminal with an “enormous ego” and is “very proud of what he has wrought.” The executives say both criminals show a inclination toward a “Robin Hood” criminal model, taking from the “man,” and giving to unsuspecting customers of X10.

The Midnight Bandit has been responsible for unheard of bargains, and even “free” giveaways on seconds notice when customers stop by the X10 Website around the midnight hour Eastern Time.

It was this propensity for dealing on Eastern Time that first alerted X10 officials to the possibility that the bandit may be working on the East Coast. “It wouldn’t take more than access to a lot of X10 products and possibly an inside source to work the crime from the other end of the continent,” an X10 security official pointed out. “Chances are, he has access to some X10 surveillance cameras and some souped-up version of the X10 video sender or Action Home to send the tracking information directly to his IP address. That IP address does not have to be on the West Coast.”

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation are getting first crack at interrogating the two suspects for crimes not involving X10. In the meantime, security around the warehouse has been beefed up to break through the bandit’s electronic operations.

X10 customers are being advised to keep an eye on the Web site in the late night hours and report any unusual action on the community forum pages.


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