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Pass Go and Show Me the Money!

Monopoly money will no longer be the coin of the realm – at least in England, for now. Hasbro Inc, the makers of the classic Monopoly board game will try a new version – Monopoly Here and Now – that comes with its own debit card and a scanner to add up or decline fortunes. The new version of the game that has been played for seven decades by millions of people will feature modern game pieces (such as a cell phone) and reflect “new realities” in property taxes.

Modern Luddites may cringe at the thought of a traditional board game taking on electronic vestiges. It is time, however, that even old dogs can learn new tricks. Imagine an entirely new game where players acquire X10 home security products to protect themselves from passing players. Imagine passing “go,” collecting your $200 (or is it more like $2,000 these days?) and acquiring your Vanguard camera. You are even luckier because you pulled a “Chance Card” that will get you the highly powerful Vanguard system complete with camera software at a “bandit” price.

Now, you can scour your cell phone screen to see who is approaching your property. “Baltic Avenue?” The rent is no longer $6, buddy. Fork over $200 to buy the landlord a new garden to replace the one you trampled in. We’ve got the videotape to prove it, show me the money!

You better have that “Get Out of Jail” card ready, because you’re headed behind bars, ready to enjoy some County Hilton hospitality. We’ve got film at 11 – 11 Marvin Gardens that is.

Where is that scanner?

I need to count up my fortune!

What’s This? Pay property tax of $10 million on all my property because the city wants to build a new sports stadium? What kind of Community Chest is this?

That does it, I’m broke, time for me to head into jail. At least I’ll get two squares.

Oooh! I rolled a three!

FREE PARKING my butt!!! I’m collecting stiff parking fees from all of you. That’s right, $50 million worth. Time to PLAY BALL!

OK, I think I’ll buy myself a utility. Looks like ConnEd is available. I’ll pass on Enron.

Hey, who wants an evening at the movies on Park Place? Nothing but the finest here, direct from Cannes. Good thing I have my X10 video sender hooked up to the DVD. That will be $5 million a night, per room.

Wipe your shoes, please before you come in.

Anyone else want to play?


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