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Jesus Braves Hurricane Season, Lens Cap

As the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s vicious assault on the Mississippi Gulf Coast approaches, a Bay St. Louis man has caught the figure of Jesus on his brand new X10 Sentinel Camera.

Clyde “Johnnyboy” Darimple lives just a block away from St. Rose de Lima Catholic Church in Bay St. Louis, which was spared from the worst of the killer storm that sent ante bellum homes, City Hall and even the local Wal-Mart into a pile of debris. A year later, there is still extensive damage everywhere you look – except of course in the lens of Darimple’s surveillance camera. “It’s clearly Jesus,” Darimple told a Florida-based tabloid.

The figure in the lens shows a dark-skinned man, larger than life reaching with his hand toward the sky. Theologians from around the world have braved still another hurricane season to observe the mysterious apparition glued seemingly permanently to the camera. The Sentinel offers round-the-clock surveillance, and is able to shoot pictures not only during bright daylight, but also by night. “Jesus was definitely a night visitor,” Darimple says.

Hundreds of people have suddenly revived the heavily taxed tourist industry in the seaside artist resort 50 miles from New Orleans. The few accommodations left in town had already been booked up by building contractors. Now, the penitent, the contrite, and the old-fashioned grifters have moved back into town, fashioning temporary shelter from boarded up, condemned buildings. Some have even shared the omnipresent, tiny FEMA trailers with local residents who welcome potential revenue generators to the devastated economy.

“I think it’s the ‘Sermon-on-the-Mount’ Jesus,” one California visitor said. “He is definitely looking well-fed – like he just had 500 loaves and fishes.”

“No, I think it’s kind of an older, more mature Jesus, one who just discovered his father’s plans for him,” a Minnesota Lutheran said. “It looks like he’s trying to bargain.”

“I hope this one’s better than the MRI Jesus in Pittsburgh,” a woman carrying rosary beads said, as she entered town on Highway 99. “Imagine people thinking Jesus’ crucifixion would be shown on an MRI!”

“It still beats the fried egg Jesus, and you forced me to follow you all the way to France for that one,” a man, appearing to be the woman’s husband, yelled out.

Meanwhile, Darimple’s neighbor came by his house later that evening. He apparently wasn’t aware of what the fuss was all about. “Hey, Johnnyboy, “ he said. “I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed your Sentinel camera last night to film my kids at the St Rose de Lima pageant!”


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I've seen the fried egg Jesus - just this morning infact. Unfortunately for him I was in too much of a hurry and far too hungry to even take a picture first.


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