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The End is Near

They say blogging means you never run out of things to say.

I have shared a lot about X10 in these columns over the past few months.

You’ve met the “Big Guy,” who runs this place, a guy with a big heart and a softness for bandits. He is so proud of X10 technology that he want to give it all away. He hopes that ultimately everyone will be so happy with X10 products that each X10 product will serve as a world standard in its many product categories.

You’ve met the slightly shy marketing managers that throw “wacky weekend” parties whenever the Big Guy isn’t looking. Sometimes, they even let the Midnight bandit free again, just for the happiness of pursuit. Of course X10 products can sell themselves, and the Big Guy may be wondering if it might not be cheaper to put them all in vending machines and let the customers just drop nickels into the machine. Perhaps one day, home computers will actually be able to DELIVER products, instead of just setting up orders.

Meanwhile, we have pointed you to the next big thing. X10’s reticent Web pages tell you everything you ever wanted to know about a major surveillance camera unit or even a tiny remote. If that’s not enough, X10 has customer service people available 24 hours per day to answer your questions. There's even a Wiki to help spread your wisdom to other X10 users.

You might not have noticed, but there is a certain amount of marketing that goes on in this place.

This brings me to my own future.

I won’t be bringing you Xactly after today. X10 has called me to a new direction, in what promises to be an exciting opportunity to build unabashed words that will soon bolster the local landscape surrounding a great new product. My words will bolster a single product, rather than the varieties of creatures you’ve seen escape this blog space.

However, you’ll probably recognize my words when you see them on this Web site. Both of my readers know me quite well. (Hi Mom!)

I look forward to serving you in a different capacity in the weeks ahead.


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Thanks for all of the laughs and insights you have provided in your column!

Your blogs have been an inspiration for many of us, and have provided an excellent measure for many of us to try and reach with our own writings!

Good luck with your future endeavors with The World's Best Webcam!


Barbara: "Both of my readers know me quite well. (Hi Mom!) "

Too funny.... Sometimes I feel that I only have two readers for my blog too! And yes, my mom, is one of them also....haha!


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