Make Your "Fantasy" Football A Reality!
By X10 Community - September 19, 2006

Hey Fantasy Sport Fanatics!

Are you between 19 and 90? Are you fiercely competitive? Do you love sports, drinking cold ones and talking S$&# to your buddies?


Brace yourself for biggest thing to happen to Fantasy Leagues since ESPN SportCenter!

The members of the X10 Fantasy Football League here in Seattle (Go Seahawks!) and I were sitting around enjoying some "refreshments" the other evening, and we came up with a device that will change the face of Fantasy Sports Leagues!!

Millions of guys just like you and I are hooked on Fantasy Sports of all kinds - football, basketball, soccer, baseball and probably even synchronized swimming (if that is really a sport).

Here's the problem: To keep up on with your Fantasy stats, you end up being a slave to your computer.

Picture this - it's Sunday, you've put back a few, and you are as happy as a man can be with your favorite team up by six. You want to check on your Fantasy Team, but that requires you get up off the sofa and start fooling around with your computer ---- NO MORE!

Introducing the X10 "Fantasy Sports" Tracker.

The X10 "Fantasy Sports" Tracker sends whatever is shown on your computer screen directly to your TV, allowing you to simply change channels and check up on your Fantasy League. You can switch over from watching the game (during commercials only obviously) and get an instant up-to-the-minute update! It even comes with its own remote.

Simply hook the receiver up to your TV, plug the simple VGA connector to your computer and you're ready to go! It's that simple! The powerful signal even travels through walls, floors and windows! It even works with PIP (picture in a picture). Stay updated on:

*Fantasy Football
*NASCAR and more!

This thing is great. If you are in to sports, then you have to have this!

Item / SKU number for ordering is MK12A-FANTASY-SPORTS-0918, $39.99