The XCam Single Camera Setup Tutorial - Posted February 2007

Confused about how to setup your 1-camera system? Let us show you how to do it!

  • The XCam 1-Camera Kit Setup Tutorial - PDF Format [52.0 kb]

  • The X10 Video Sender Tutorial - Posted February 2007

    Are you thinking about purchasing a Video Sender? What you need to know before you do.

  • The X10 Video Sender Tutorial - PDF Format [60.7 kb]

  • Meet Team Supervisor Tammra Stanley - Posted August 23, 2006

    Callcenter Supervisor Tammra Stanley discusses what's happening on the customer service end

    The X10 Independent Contractor Program - Posted August 12, 2006

    Let us show you how to start your successful entrepreneurial venture as an X10 seller/installer!

    Meet Team Producer Marko Wollschlaeger - Posted August 16, 2006

    In a new feature to the Community, we want to introduce you to X10 employees who make a positive difference! Today, we feature Marko Wollschlaeger.

    Affiliation & X10 - Posted August 14, 2006

    You love your X10 products and tell your friends about your latest gadget purchases. So why not make money by advertising on your website or newsletter? Whether you are looking to make a few bucks on the side, or build a comfortable living, it's all possible by joining the affiliate program at!

    Introducing The X10 Sentinel - Posted August 2006

    Get the very best in security surveillance technology with the X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera! X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. is pleased to present our newest, most innovative security camera yet. With features ranging from 22x optical zoom to a weather-resistant dome included with every camera, the Sentinel offers the very latest in security camera technology - and at an astonishingly low price! At X10 we know what our customers require to feel secure, and we’re happy to present you with the solution to all your security camera needs.

    Beginning Home Automation On A Smaller Budget - Posted June 2006

    Many people want to get started with home automation, but think it may be too expensive. This 3 part tutorial shows you how you can get started and build up your system over time with a budget to suit your needs!

  • Shoestring Home Automation 1 - PDF Format [41.1 kb]
  • Shoestring Home Automation 2 - PDF Format [54.3 kb]
  • Shoestring Home Automation 3 - PDF Format [321 kb]