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Product Model Size Primary Alternate
Sentinel Surveillance PTZ Camera VK79A 1.12Mb vk79a-sentinel-om.pdf vk79a-sentinel-om.pdf
XCam Anywhere VK34A 96.9K vk34a-om.pdf vk34a-om.pdf
XCam2 All 185K xcam2-om.pdf xcam2-om.pdf
XCam2 battery pack ZB10A 40.0K zb10a-is.pdf zb10a-is.pdf
ScanCam VK49A 92.5K vk49a-om.pdf vk49a-om.pdf
WideEye VK58A 92.5K vk58a-om.pdf vk58a-om.pdf
ScanPack power supply XM10A 9.3K xm10a-is.pdf xm10a-is.pdf
VCR Commander  UX21A 262K ux21a-om.pdf ux21a-om.pdf
VCR Commander II UX23A 168K ux23a-om.pdf ux23a-om.pdf
XCam2 single camera XX11A 300K xx11a-is.pdf xx11a-is.pdf
WideEye single camera XX13A 300K xx13a-is.pdf xx13a-is.pdf
XCam2 InstantOn single camera XX16A 300K xx16a-is.pdf xx16a-is.pdf
WideEye InstantOn single camera XX17A 300K xx17a-is.pdf xx17a-is.pdf
USB Video Capture Adapter VA11A 272K va11a-om.pdf va11a-om.pdf
InstantOn power supply XM13A 11K xm13a-is.pdf xm13a-is.pdf
InstantOn battery pack ZB11A 45K zb11a-is.pdf zb11a-is.pdf
Anywhere Camera SC15A/16A 28K sc15a-16a-is.pdf sc15a-16a-is.pdf
NightWatch camera SC21A 27K sc21a-is.pdf sc21a-is.pdf
NightWatch 2 camera SC23A 27K sc23a-is.pdf sc23a-is.pdf
Anaconda camera SC18A 27K sc18a-is.pdf sc18a-is.pdf
XCam2 InstantON Camera Kit VK69A 70K vk69a-om.pdf vk69a-om.pdf
WideEye InstantOn Camera Kit VK70A 70K vk70a-om.pdf vk70a-om.pdf
Ninja Pan & Tilt Add-On VK74A 141K vk74a-om.pdf vk74a-om.pdf
Ninja Pan & Tilt Kit with Camera VK75A 114K vk75a-om.pdf vk75a-om.pdf
Ninja Quick Setup Instructions VK74/75A 29K ninja-setup.pdf ninja-setup.pdf
FloodCam VT38A 113K vt38a-om.pdf vt38a-om.pdf
Audio/Video Receiver (mono) VR31A  50K vr31a-om.pdf vr31a-om.pdf
Video Only Receiver VR36A 47K vr36a-om.pdf vr36a-om.pdf
ShowCam Digital Camera DC10A 108K dc10a-om.pdf dc10-om.pdf
ShowCam Addendum DC10A 8K dc10a-add.pdf dc10a-add.pdf
ScanCam Remote Control CR12A 9K cr12a-is.pdf cr12a-is.pdf
Ninja Remote Control CR14A 100K cr14a-is.pdf cr14a-is.pdf
Vanguard Zoom Camera VK77A 756K vk77a-om.pdf vk77a-om.pdf
Vanguard Remote Control CR15A 46K cr15a-is.pdf cr15a-is.pdf
USB Transceiver Module CM19A 8K cm19a-is.pdf cm19a-is.pdf
Scan Director Remote Control CR13A 9K cr13a-is.pdf cr13a-is.pdf


Universal Remotes
Product Model Size Primary Alternate
MouseRemote MK19A 403K mk19a-om.pdf mk19a-om.pdf
SuperREMOTE UR19A 261K ur19a_om.pdf ur19a_om.pdf
SuperREMOTE codes list 20K ur19a_addendum.pdf ur19a_addendum.pdf
8-in-1 Learning Remote UR24A 375K ur24a-om.pdf ur24a-om.pdf
SuperRemote Home Control Kit HK10A 314K hk10a_om.pdf hk10a_om.pdf
UltimateREMOTE UR47A 226K ur47a-om.pdf ur47a-om.pdf
UltimateREMOTE codes list 20K codelist.pdf codelist.pdf
TV Buddy Remote UR41A 43K ur41a-om.pdf ur41a-om.pdf
Platinum Remote Owner's Manual UR73A 260K ur73a-om.pdf ur73a-om.pdf
Platinum Remote Code List UR73A 25K ur73a-codes.pdf ur73a-codes.pdf
5-in-1 Learning Remote Owner's Manual UR74A 280K ur74a-om.pdf ur74a-om.pdf
5-in-1 Learning Remote Code List UR74A 24K ur74a-codelist.pdf ur74a-codelist.pdf
Entertainment/DVD/MP3 Anywhere Remote UR81A 1MB ur81-om.pdf ur81-om.pdf
RCA 4-IN-1 Remote RC1310 2.72MB rc1310.pdf rc1310.pdf


Home Automation
Product Model Size Primary Alternate
ActiveHome Pro CM15A 748K activehomepro.pdf activehomepro.pdf
ActiveHome CK11A 260K ck11a_om.pdf ck11a_om.pdf
ActiveHome Code List CK11A 25K ck11a-codelist.pdf ck11a-codelist.pdf
2-Way Appliance Module AM14A 19K am14ais.pdf am14ais.pdf
Appliance Module AM466/486 39K am486-466-is.pdf am486-466-is.pdf
Lamp Module LM465 38K lm465-is.pdf lm465.pdf
2-Way Lamp Module LM14A 38K lm14a-is.pdf lm14a.pdf
Decorator Dimmer wall switch WS12A 20K ws12a-14a-is.pdf ws12a-14a-is.pdf
Decorator wall switch WS13A 25K ws13a-is.pdf ws13a-is.pdf
Decorator Dimmer companion switch WS14A 32K ws12a-14a-is.pdf ws12a-14a-is.pdf
Mini Timer MT10A 97K mt10a-om.pdf mt10a-om.pdf
Outdoor Motion Monitor PR511 80K pr511-om.pdf pr511-om.pdf
Hawkeye motion sensor (old) MS12A 7K ms12a-is.pdf ms12a-is.pdf
Hawkeye II / Eagle Eye motion sensor MS13A 8K ms13a-ms14a-is.pdf ms13a-ms14a-is.pdf
ActiveEye motion sensors MS16A 11K ms15a-ms16a-is.pdf ms15a-ms16a-is.pdf
Palm Pad remote control HR12A 19K hr12a-is.pdf hr12a-is.pdf
Socket Rocket module LM15A 8K lm15a-is.pdf lm15a-is.pdf
Sixteen Plus remote control RT504 114K rt504.pdf rt504.pdf
Slimline Gold Switch SS15A 11K ss15a_is.pdf ss15a_is.pdf
Slimline Switch SS13A 11K ss13a_is.pdf ss13a_is.pdf
Touch Tone Controller (new) TR16A 43K tr16a-om.pdf tr16a-om.pdf
Computer Interface (old) CP290 1.8MB cp290.pdf cp290.pdf
Transceiver Module TM751 6K tm751-is.pdf tm751-is.pdf
Transceiver Module RR501 7K rr501-is.pdf rr501-is.pdf
Keyfob Remote Control KC674 7K kc674-is.pdf kc674-is.pdf
Slimfire Remote Control KR19A 16K kr19a-is.pdf kr19a-is.pdf
PalmPad Control System RC5000 15K rc5000-is.pdf rc5000-is.pdf
Slimfire Control System RC6500 15K rc6500-is.pdf rc6500-is.pdf
Digipad Remote Control KR21A 14K kr21a-is.pdf kr21a-is.pdf
Credit Card Controller KR22A 19K kr22a-is.pdf kr22a-is.pdf
Firecracker Kit CM18A 117K ck18a-is.pdf ck18a-is.pdf
Firecracker Interface CM17A 100K cm17a-is.pdf cm17a-is.pdf
RC6600 Kit RC6600 26K rc6600-is.pdf rc6600-is.pdf
Remote Chime SC546A 11K sc546a-is.pdf sc546a-is.pdf
Super Socket SR227 11K sr227-is.pdf sr227-is.pdf
Smart RF Repeater SR731 8K sr731-is.pdf sr731-is.pdf
Smart RF Repeater (New) SR731 8K sr731new-is.pdf sr731new-is.pdf
Wall Switch Module WS467 11K ws467-is.pdf ws467-is.pdf
Three Way Wall Switch WS4777 12K ws4777-is.pdf ws4777-is.pdf
4-Way Wiring Diagrams WS4777 128K 4-way-wiring.pdf 4-way-wiring.pdf
Universal Module UM506 8K um506-is.pdf um506-is.pdf
Sundowner SD533 68K sd533-om.pdf sd533-om.pdf
Maxi-Controller SC503 68K sc503-om.pdf sc503-om.pdf
Mini-Controller MC460 68K mc460-om.pdf mc460-om.pdf
IR Mini-Controller IR543 7K ir543-is.pdf ir543-is.pdf
ActiveHome PC Interface HC60RX 300k hc60rx_om.pdf hc60rx_om.pdf


Product Model Size Primary Alternate
MP3/DVD Remote Kit
(for DVD & MP3 2000)
VK47A 226K vk47-om.pdf vk47-om.pdf
Video Sender kit VK30A 109K vk30a-om.pdf vk30a-om.pdf
Audio Sender kit (MP3 Anywhere 2000) AK10A 102K ak10a-om.pdf ak10a-om.pdf
Big Picture kit (old) VK25A 598K vk25a_om.pdf vk25a_om.pdf
IR Commander (UX17A only) UX17A 19.1KB ux17a-is.pdf ux17a-is.pdf
PC RF Receiver information sheet MR26A 6K mr26a-is.pdf mr26a-is.pdf
SoundPower Wireless Speaker Kit VK59A 1.02MB vk59a-om.pdf vk59a-om.pdf
SoundPower Code List VK59A 23K vk59acodes.pdf vk59acodes.pdf
Entertainment Anywhere Remote Kit VK62A 1.01MB vk62a-om.pdf vk62a-om.pdf
Audio/Video Receiver (stereo) VR30A  51K vr30a-om.pdf vr30a-om.pdf
Audio/Video Transmitter VT32A 53K vt32a-om.pdf vt32a-om.pdf
Audio/Video Sender System VK54A 79K vk54a-om.pdf vk54a-om.pdf
PowerMID PM5900 14K pm5900-is.pdf pm5900-is.pdf
ShowTime Digital Image System VK73A 352K vk73a-om.pdf vk73a-om.pdf
ShowTime Remote Control UR85A 145K ur85a-is.pdf ur85a-is.pdf
Lola Music System MK10-12A 800K lola-om.pdf lola-om.pdf


Product Model Size Primary Alternate
Big Red Emergency Button KR15A 8K kr15a-is.pdf kr15a-is.pdf
Door/Window Sensor (new) DS10A 19K ds10a-is.pdf ds10a-is.pdf
Door/Window Sensor (original) DW534 10K dw534is.pdf dw534is.pdf
Monitor Plus Security System DC8700 198K dc8700-om.pdf dc8700-om.pdf
Monitor Plus Security System (New) DC8700P 212K dc8700p-om.pdf dc8700p-om.pdf
Protector Plus Security System DS7000 165K ds7000-om.pdf ds7000-om.pdf
Personal Assistance Voice Dialer PA5800 88K pa5800-om.pdf pa5800-om.pdf
RoboDog PK9000 10K pk9000-is.pdf pk9000-is.pdf
Security Keychain Remote KR10A 9K kr10a-is.pdf kr10a-is.pdf
Security Handheld Remote SH624 17K sh624-is.pdf sh624-is.pdf
Security Motion Sensor MS10A 8K ms10a-is.pdf ms10a-is.pdf
ORCA 2000 Owner's Manual Orca2000 104K orca2000-om.pdf orca2000-om.pdf
ORCA 2000 Easy Set-Up Orca2000 30K orcasimple-om.pdf orcasimple-om.pdf
Powerhorn Siren Instructions SH10A 8K sh10a-is.pdf sh10a-is.pdf
Robodog Motion Sensor DM10A 14K dm10a-is.pdf dm10a-is.pdf
PowerHorn Siren PH508 13K ph508-is.pdf ph508-is.pdf
Glass Break Sensor GB10A 13K gb10a-is.pdf gb10a-is.pdf


Product Model Size Primary Alternate
CM11A programming protocol 26K cm11a_protocol.txt cm11a_protocol.txt
CM17A programming protocol 22K cm17a_protocol.txt cm17a_protocol.txt
PL513/TW523 Technical Note 1.1MB technicalnote.pdf technicalnote.pdf
PL513/TW523 Data Sheet 9K pl-tw-is.pdf pl-tw-is.pdf
Extended X10 code format 57K xtdcode.pdf xtdcode.pdf


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