Meet Your Forum Community Organizers!
September 26, 2006 [Discuss This Article]

Meet Tuicemen:

X10C: How long have you been using X10 products?

Tuicemen: It has been a long time maybe 15 years (I have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday!)

X10C: What is the first X10 product you can recall purchasing?

Tuicemen: First product was the Firecracker CM17A kit this is the best starter kit out there!

X10C: What intrigues you most about using X10 products?

Tuicemen: The possibilities are endless! They really are! If you can't find a way of doing something with X10 Somebody else will!

X10C: What is your favorite X10 product out on the market?

Tuicemen: Probably the pan & tilt camera base tided with Active Home Pro

X10C: If you could develop your own X10 product, what would it be and what would it do?

Tuicemen: This is a hard one just about everything I can think of has already been developed by someone.

But since I'm in the midst of building a remote solar powered home it would have to be something that I could use there.

Possibly enabling me to interface with my home weather station to be able to stop the wind turbine when high wind speeds were detected! Probably a X10 50 amp DC rated circuit breaker would be a starting point. Hey you asked!

X10C: Tell us about a time you were creative with your X10 products and how it turned out?

Tuicemen: My first time I was creative with x10 was with my Firecracker kit and setting it up to turn on/off the Christmas tree lights. I gained WAF for that one! I told some of the guys at work and they picked up the kits just to do that! Now I see just about everyone does that one with whatever Home automation product their running! Afraid I can't say I was the first to think of that one or am I the first to share it

Currently I'm developing a add on program for AHP (AlertDialer & a Plus version) to answer/dial a phone call allowing the called person to enter a x10command and hear a response. also if the incoming phone call is from a trusted number (caller id is used for this) they can enter a x10command

X10C: In your own opinion, how would you describe your abilities in using X10 products?

Tuicemen: I'd say I'm experienced but I'm always learning new things! I love to problem solve so If I have the hardware/software I'll figure it out! When? is another question!

X10C: For those on the X10 Community forums who are fairly new to X10, what advice would you have to offer?

Tuicemen:Read, search the forums, and read some more. When you finally post be as specific as you can!

X10C: Is there anything you would care to add?

Tuicemen: Pictures speak volumes!

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