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By Mike Mallari - August 23, 2006 [Discuss This Article]

This week, we introduce you to Tammra Stanley.  Many of you who have called in to place orders over the phone at may have had the opportunity to speak with Tammra, as she is very cordial and always willing to assist on the phone.

Tammra was recently rewarded for her hard work and dedication to her job by being promoted to the role of a supervisor.  Now with a watchful eye over her customer service team, Tammra has been setting the groundwork for many of the new members of the X10 call center.

X10Community recently had the chance to talk to Tammra and find out what’s happening as the company’s newest Call Center Supervisor.

X10C: How long have you been with X10?

Tammra: I was hired here at X10 on September 4th, so not quite a year.

X10C: Did you start as a customer service representative or did you work your way into this department?

Tammra: I started out as most (reps) do, in customer support. With much diligence I worked my way to tech support within the first 3 weeks. After 7 months I was promoted to sales rep which I made sales rep of the month my first month out. After 11 months at X10 I am now a call center supervisor.

X10C: What do you enjoy most about your job at X10?

Tammra: The pleasure I get from training new reps in their customer service responsibilities and product knowledge.

X10C: In your prior role as a customer service rep, you dealt with many customers all day long.  What type of things did you keep in mind while talking to people?

Tammra: A pleasant voice, relaxed mental attitude, and a willingness to help go a long way.

X10C: Now, as a supervisor, what are some of the things you teach or stress to the new members of the call center team?

Tammra: Product knowledge, Product knowledge, Product knowledge.

X10C: Recently, for the past few months the call center was dealing with a big shortage of staffing, which made things very difficult.  What was it like to deal with this situation, especially since it is important for you to always try and please your customers?

Tammra: Pleasing the customer is ALWAYS the #1 priority, but with the extremely long hold times it definitely made this difficult. Some days just beginning your call with “We appreciate your patience” was the only thing we had. We fortunately made it through.

X10C: Now with an influx of many new members to help, how are things going?

Tammra: Hold times are DEFINITELY down!! Time now is well spent ensuring the knowledge of the reps to aid in our quest to help our customers with their products.

X10C: Can you recall a time where you really went out of your way to help one of your customers?

Tammra: In all sincerity, I tried my best for ALL of “my” customers. At times even giving them my personal cell phone number to ensure to them they would have a way to directly contact me…even on my days off.

X10C: For the community readers out there, what advice would you like to offer when calling the call center team?

Tammra: Remember patience. We have made great efforts to bring our hold times down… in the process of getting the new reps on the phones we are taking an “On the Job Training” approach, which I find works well with product knowledge. Our new reps are more than willing to answer your questions, but if they don’t have that answer they WILL find someone who does.

X10C: For those new customer service representatives under your tutelage, what advice would you offer to them?

Tammra: Ask Questions and Learn your products WELL!

X10C: Anything else you care to add?

Tammra: Thank you to all of the employees here that have made my X10 experience a successful one!

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