The ALL NEW X10 Video Sender!
Posted December 06, 2006

Introducing a breakthrough to the X10 Video Sender! X10 just made the X10 Video Sender even better - now you can change channels right on your second TV! With our newly integrated Powermid technology we've eliminated the need for extra equipment, building the functions you need right into our new Video Sender. Now you don't have to get up to change the channel in the other room, you can simply change the channel right on the TV you're watching! Your remote sends the signal to your Video Sender's receiver, where it travels up to your cable box and changes the channel for you. It really is just like having a second cable box, but without the extra monthly expense!

  • Strong signal easily travels through walls and floors
  • 100 ft signal range means you can change the channel from almost any room in the house!
  • Works on DVD players and VCRs, and even your TiVo - watch a DVD movie or a pre-recorded program on your TiVo right on your second TV!
  • But that's not all we've improved! We've added a better transmitter so you're guaranteed a stronger signal for the absolute best picture quality, and you don't have to worry about losing signal strength through walls or floors - you'll still get a great picture up to 100 feet away, no matter where in the house you place your Video Sender.

    No Wonder it's So Popular - It's Like Magic!