Letters to the Editor
By Mike Mallari - September 11, 2006 [Discuss This Article]

This past week we received a great letter from John, in Stanwood, WA, in how the X10 Protector Plus system helped stopped a burglary in progress at his local church. I wanted to share this letter with you for I felt it was a great story. Do you have a similar or great story that you would like to share regarding your use of X10 products? Email them directly to us at community@x10.com. Thanks again John!

I'm writing to inform you of a very successful experience with X-10 products. This experience occurred last month, August 2006.

For years I was a member of a small local church in Stanwood, Washington. Our Pastor lived in a house on the church property immediately next to the church. He had a large family and when he was not at home a member of his family was generally there to keep an eye on things. About 2 years ago he got a new house that was located off the property. We realized that we might have a security problem at this point.

I responded to the security concerns by installing an X-10 security system in the building. The system I installed was a very simple, basic one. I used only the Protector Plus console automatic phone dialer, and three of the motion detector units. The system was set up to call one of the church members, John G, in case of an alarm.

This summer, before I went on vacation, one of my last chores was to check out the system and make sure everything was operating properly. Also it was time for a yearly battery check. I replaced two of the batteries and verified to John that the system was in proper working order. I left for vacation with no concerns. (Note that I also have similar X-10system in my home)

When I returned two weeks later, I got a call from John. He told me that while I was away there had been a burglary attempt at the church.

A window had been broken, then opened and an intruder had entered into the main building. This is where the church sound system is located with expensive amplifiers, speakers, mixer-board, and thousands of dollars worth of musical instruments. There is little else of financial value to a burglar in this small, very modest church. As the intruder moved through the building he was spotted by one of the motion detectors, which signaled the alarm console. The Audio alarm was sounded and the auto-dialer called John. It was late at night when John received the alarm/call. He responded by immediately going to the church to check it out and arrived within minutes. When he arrived he discovered the broken window. The intruder had fled, probably when the alarm sounded. While investigating, he checked the alarm console and discovered which of the motion detectors had spotted the intruder and sounded the alarm.

He immediately called the County Sheriffs. An officer arrived later...45 minutes later. The officer took the report, conducted some investigation and finger-prints were taken.

We are very sure that if not for the X-10 system and the fast response of a church member, there would have been serious losses due to burglary and possibly some very expensive vandalism too. This system was very inexpensive, less than $200 for all the pieces in the system. It saved the church many thousands. We are now expanding the system to include more detectors.