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Case Briefing

"The Bandit" is on the loose!

This is Inspector Ecksten, of the Department of Bandit Tracking (D.O.B.T.). We've been hot on the trail of an unknown person who goes into the website along with numerous accomplices dressed up like customers to "steal deals."

We've dubbed this unknown person "The Bandit" for his appearance where he dresses all in black and wears a mask to hide his identity. His other aliases also include "The Midnight Bandit" and "El Bandito."

To date, he has been responsible for numerous sales and discounts for over a month, causing a frenzy with the X10 customer service sales team.

Your job is to read over this case file and help identify when his next move will come from. If you succeed, The Bandit will be put away in prison for a very long time.

On a daily basis, more information will be posted providing you clues, hopefully to his whereabouts.

X10 Wireless Technologies, has put out rewards for his capture. Will you be one of those who collect?

A Case File will be posted tomorrow for your review.


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Sorry, BUT that wasn't the bandit. It was his body double like in the movies.
As a matter of fact, I saw him this afternoon in front of the pet shop hawking dog door sensors.

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