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Case File #1

In an attempt to bring this case to life, and to provide an awareness for the safety and security of public spending, Authorities have decided to slowly release case information with the hopes that your tips will lead to the Bandit's capture.

"We feel it's very important to bring the Bandit to justice," says Lead Investigator Ecksten of the Department of Bandit Tracking (DOBT). "His intent to provide unreasonably low prices is causing too much of a frenzy amongst X10 customers. I can assure you WE WILL CATCH THE BANDIT."

Today, authorities have released a partial history detailing the Bandit's movements:

X10 Xcam2 Wireless Camera File Footage

Thursday June 08, 2006:
X10 receives word of an individual dressed in black clothing, wearing a black mask and lurking around the X10 Wireless Technologies Headquarters.

Security is notified, only to discover that the man has since fled. Running away, he strikes by dropping prices on the X10 Wireless Video Sender.

X10 Officials discover his intent soon enough and are able to keep damage to a minimum by restoring prices on the video sender back to the low normal prices they were prior to the intrusion.

Due to the way he is dressed, and the nature of his crime, he is “dubbed” as The Bandit.

Friday, June 16, 2006:
Bandit strikes again, with super savings deals for himself and his accomplices. The following note was discovered left behind on the X10 website:

“Have your finger on the mouse at Midnight & Steal-A-Deal like never before! First Come, First Served! Now remember, these Bandit Deals are limited in supply - so jump like a jack rabbit with his paws on fire!”

In addition, the Bandit and many of his accomplices walked away with several “steals:”

• Ignite the Passion with ActiveHome Home Automation Starter Kit (Was $20, Now $10)
• Perfect for sharing your digital photos and movies with friends and family (Was $29, Now $10)
• Get a Wireless XCam with Video Sender L2 (Was $59, Now $29)
• Watch Cable, TiVo, DirecTV on ANY TV in the house! (Was $29, Now $5)
• Tiny & Fun XCam Surveillance Camera for half price (Was $24, Now $12)
• Get 2 Tiny & Fun XCam Surveillance Camera for the price of one (Was $39, Now $24)

In an attempt to bring attention to his misdeeds, authorities discover another note nearby, believed to of been written by an unknown accomplice:

Don't forget to add your comments to our "Bandit Deal Discussion". The more excited you are about these deals the more exciting we will make them. So far your responses have been pretty weak and The Bandit is having second thoughts. C'mon, show The Bandit some appreciation & talk it up!

Saturday, June 17, 2006:
Still on the run, and more brazen than ever, The Midnight Bandit was up to his old tricks and had been slashing prices all weekend at the X10 website.

A note left behind was discovered with the following comments:
“And good news ... he's still on the loose! If you've been following him so far, than you ain't seen nothin' yet!” This weekend he's back, folks, and he's roundin' up all the week's best Midnight Bandit Deals! So if you missed out before, you'd better take a seat, because the bandit's gonna put a deal right in your lap! Come back at midnight, and he guarantees you'll get lucky!”

Security and X10 officials are put into high alert.

Authorities tell us that they will be releasing more information to the public soon. In the meantime, they are hard at work trying to track the Bandit's whereabouts. They are sure he will strike again. The only question is WHEN?

Stay Tuned.


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