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The Bandit is in Hiding

It's been several weeks, and the Bandit has been laying low! All of the attention has been getting to him, and he's decided to take some time off for some r&r. Be forewarned! Just because he's laying low doesn't mean he won't strike again! Be on the lookout, because if you spot him, you just may save a ton of dough!

More information about the Bandit will be posted soon.


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Latest in from Grape & Vine is that the Bandit, due to the extreme weather we've been having has been vacationing in Costa Rica. Detective RailLam on orders from inspector Ecksten have been investigating noises coming from the basemant of the X10 building. Authorities said that they believe it's just a stray cat that somehow got locked into a locker. However, some employees @ X10 are speculating that it may be the Bandit. On the other hand Mr. Dabnit was overheard to say that the Bandit was still in Costa Rica and would remain there until fall.
When asked about the Bandit being down south of the border. Inspector Ecksten stated that every possible lead to find the Bandit was being investigated and that he dosen't subscribe to rumors.

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