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Case File #4

The city is finally calming down after the chaos and madness from last week.

After a few days of laying low, the Bandit hit with a vengeance, and it appears his group of accomplices had managed to walk away with many great deals, saving lots and lots of money.

Results from last weekends DNA testing on the peanut butter and banana sandwich, although yielded little clues as to the identity of the Bandit, did provide a future DNA sample.

Many traces of Bazooka Joe bubble gum discovered at the scene, were also sent to the lab for analysis. Officials are trying to determine who chewed the gum and had left it in the crime scene.

For extra precautions, the scene remains cordoned off, and access to the building remains tight.

In his daily press conference, Inspector Ecksten, Lead Investigator of the case had this to say: “Hello everyone. As you know, this past weekend saw the Bandit become more brazen than ever. We have no new leads to report, however we will be releasing more case information to the public.”

Members of the media than had the opportunity to ask the Inspector some questions, and one question in particular seemed to have left the Inspector startled when a reporter asked “Can you tell us more about G.U.M. (The Get Us More) and their role into these possible break ins with the Bandit?”

Inspector Ecksten quickly replied that hecouldn’t comment on this part of the iinvestigation, but he is sure that the Bandit has more up his sleeve. It’s just a matter of finding a way to stop him.

In the meantime, the DOBT (Dept. of Bandit Tracking) released the following case file information:

A note was discovered in the men’s bathroom of the town’s public library. From the way it was written, it appears to be from an accomplice:

The Midnight Bandit has been slashing prices all weekend! And good news ... he's still on the loose! If you've been following him so far, than you ain't seen nothin' yet!

This weekend he's back, folks, and he's roundin' up all the week's best Midnight Bandit Deals! So if you missed out before, you'd better take a seat, because the bandit's gonna put a deal right in your lap! Come back at midnight, and he guarantees you'll get lucky!

A man reported an individual dressed in black wearing a mask tagging the side of a building. Thinking it was just a teenager up to no good, he was shocked to read the message of:

AMAZING! Bandit Striking RIGHT NOW!?!? Yes, that's right... The Bandit doesn't JUST strike at Midnight!


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Rumor at the corner of Grape & Vine has it that that the Bandit had been hiding out at the old Diamond match factory in Chico CA. However; Another rumor is that, he was seen loitering by the abandoned Sugar Beet plant in Hamilton City CA. 10 miles away. Word on the street is that he's planning something for Henry Ford's birthday on July 30th. Speculation is high. But since he's been SWITCHING around so much lately that just might be a clue as to what he has up his midnight black sleeves.

One of the dectives working under cover for Inspector Ecksten has been filtering out the rumors @ Grape & Vine. Detective RailLam having determined witches were involved, didn't want to trifle with such goingons. However he did say that a close associate of the Bandit's. A Mr. Dabnit let it slip that indeed the Bandit was up to something BIG because of Henry Ford's birthday. "After all, if it wasn't for Mr. Ford people wouldn't need Universal Module - UM506's and such.".

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