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Copywriter by day, spy by night

I should’ve been born a spy. Seriously. Why a spy, you ask? Because every little thing wakes me up - noises and lights. I’m a light sleeper, like a cat. So if I was a spy, I would wake up when…oh never mind.

Anyway, the point is when I moved in with my girlfriend, I found out that she likes to read before bed every night. Funny, because we have spent the night together countless times over the past three years, and she never read before. Anyhow, I found this to be a problem, because I couldn’t get to sleep with the bright light shining in my eyes. But then I remembered I wasn’t a spy, and instead an employee at X10. Dimmable lights! Why hadn’t I thought of that before.

So I brought home a simple Transceiver, a Slimline Wireless Wall Switch and a dimmable lamp module. Now I’m not a gadget guy, but somehow I set this simple system up and had it running in under five minutes. Problem solved! Now before bed she dims her reading lamp to a mutually agreeable level each night. She can read, and I can get my beauty sleep and dream about being a spy!


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