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Never been a big "cell phone guy"

I was seven years old, away at school camp when my baby sister was born. When I got home, I was more interested in my toys than the bald, little bundle crying in my Mom’s arms.

Well, as the years passed by, she actually grew on me a bit. And now, she’s 18 and going off to college. Wow, I still think of her as a little girl.

I live in Seattle, and she chose to go to school in the Bay Area. That makes staying in touch a bit more difficult. For one thing, I’m not a big phone guy. I’d rather talk face-to-face. Secondly, cell phone minutes are precious. I don’t have unlimited minutes, and when I go over my time, I end up eating Top Ramen until my next paycheck.

However, I’ve been lucky enough to try out a new X10 product that soon the world will know about. I’ll give you a hint: it lets me talk face-to-face with my sister in Oakland without using a cell phone, flying down there or paying any extra fees! It’s a revolutionary product.

Stay tuned for the World Premiere…


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What a perfect example for our newest X10 treasure! You rock as a big brother!

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