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It's a Guy Thing

Yes, I drink beer. Yes, I love pretty much anything to do with sports (except golf, hockey and car racing). Yes, I do love nachos and tend to spill on my shirt when I eat them. The only thing holding me back from becoming “one of those guys,” which I guess is not all that bad, was the fact that I didn’t do the whole fantasy sports thing.

This year, I finally gave in, without too much of a struggle. Actually, I’ll admit it: I always wanted to do fantasy sports. So this year I got in a free online fantasy football league with some guys at work.

Like most guys, I want to constantly check my score on Sunday. But I kind of get tired of getting up off the couch to go to my computer to check the scores. In fact, I missed a Seahawks touchdown last Sunday while I was checking my “all-important” fantasy football stats.

To my delight, this week at X10 we came out with a new product: The X10 Fantasy Sports Tracker. It works real simple. I plug it into my computer monitor, and plug the receiver into my TV. Now I can watch whatever is on my computer, LIVE on my TV!

As in most online leagues, the scores and stats automatically refresh themselves. You know what that means? The only time I have to get up off the couch is to grab another beer and run to the bathroom! Now all I need is an automatic beer dispenser, and Sundays will be perfect!


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Automatic Beer Dispenser and a box of Depends!! *smirk*

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