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Hope You Kind of Get Well

I was thinking this morning, while I was stuck in traffic for 2 1/2 hours getting to work, about Greeting Cards. They make greeting cards now for everything! I even saw a bereavement card directed towards the loss of one’s beloved pet. Another one was offering congratulations on a recent divorce- with a 50% divorce rate, I’m sure these are big moneymakers for the cardmakers.

What you don’t see is a card telling someone that you’re sort of happy they’re having a birthday or that you almost miss seeing them and really don’t mind much that they haven’t written. They don’t make those cards because nobody would think of buying them!

It’s one of the reasons why I’m sure people will really love our new webcam! Stop scratching your head… there IS a connection, just stick with me!

This webcam is special. That’s why I don’t even like calling it a webcam because it’s so much more than that. Sure, it's great for video calling, but it also has features that will allow you to use it beyond the typical one-to-one video conversation…

I’ll give you an example…
vegaswedding.jpgDestination weddings are the latest craze- and the more exotic the location, the better. Not everyone of course will be able to make the event, but you don’t want them to completely miss out either. Many people plan an additional reception closer to home, but that can be extremely expensive. Instead, with this camera and it’s PAN, TILT and ZOOM features, you can set it up in a central location and it is capable of broadcasting the entire event on-line for those that would otherwise not be able to share the day with you. You can even give your on-line guests the power to control the camera themselves! Using a standard webcam for this example would be like sending the happy couple a card that says, Hope Your Wedding Day is Average.


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Ha, nicely put. I hope to someday have a lavish wedding with an Elvis impersonator hovering there in the background as Scarlett Johansson and I exchange our wedding vows...hey, a girl can dream.

Great use. Just curious, what programs would you use to make a video greeting with the webcam?

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