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Touching Base

Well, after yesterday, I was moved to touch base with all those that I love... Watching the images of that awful day, 5 years ago, reminded me again to appreciate the things that really mean the most to me, my friends and family. It's easy to get side tracked with a new job, a new schedule and not very much spare time. Life can be hectic... But as 9/11 proved, it can also be unpredictalbe, so we can't take those relationships for granted.

My son and his wife recently moved to Boston. I'm near Seattle. We couldn't be further apart geographically, but I'm in touch with him daily... sometimes several times a day. We both have jobs that require us to be on-line. We instant message eachother throughout the day. Usually I'm just making sure he takes time off for lunch and that he isn't working too many hours. I try to not bother him since he is working, so usually our messages are brief- it's just nice to always have him sort of hanging out on my desktop, knowing he's there if I want to talk to him, or if he needs me.
Soon though text messaging eachother just isn't going to cut it. He and his wife are due to have their first child next month. I don't want to miss a minute of my first grandchild's life, but I know that is going to be impossible with so many miles between us. That is one reason I've been so excited about our newest project (the one I've been hinting at already in my previous blogs). It's a webcam... and one that will be worthy enough to capture the precious images of my grandchild. This camera can see better than I can!

We'll be able to take advantage of video calling systems that are already available and FREE! I will be able to see them come home from the hospital... I'll be able to go on a video tour of his nursery and they can even set up the camera so I can watch the little bundle of joy sleeping and even have the power to zoom close enough to give him a vertual kiss goodnight.

Sure, I would rather be there in person, but since flying coast to coast everyday is not an option... at least I can feel like I'm there with The World's Best Webcam!


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Boston is a lovely city. I know what you mean about missing people far away though - I think my camera's going to get some decent use once I remember to actually take it home. :)

Exciting times! And a perfect time to make use of video calling.

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