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Answers To Your Emails

We have a very international flavor to this week’s edition of Answers To Your Emails. Thanks to James, Victor, Daniel, Petr, Jim, Barbara, Nik and everyone else for writing in!

James asks: Do you ship to the UK? I can’t find anywhere that will? www.x10.co.uk forwards to www.x10.com and says US only?”

X10Community: Hi James, for our international friends in Europe, please visit www.x10europe.com to locate X10 items that are compatible for your country.

Victor says: hi... I'm Victor, and living in Italy, is possible buy to you directly and expedition to me, what is the cost ???. I see resellers, and the price is upper and not promotion some you.... thank you...

X10Community: Victor, thanks for writing in. X10 has products available for your area. Please visit www.x10europe.com to learn more.

David says: I am every interested in the Barking Dog Alarm. How much including Shipping to the UK (London)? Cheers Dave

X10Community: Dave, I posted a blog link yesterday entitled How Much Is That Doggy In The Window? About Rick, an X10 installer who still has a few of the RoboDogs left from a previous purchase. However, as these were designed for the North American standard of 110v they may not be compatible for your area. You can learn more about Rick and his RoboDogs by reading the blog link here.

Anonymous says: I just bought a powerhouse mini-timer model #MT10A. I can't get it to work. Please help

X10Community: Hello, here are a couple of resources for you. We have a knowledgebase that you can use to help you troubleshoot. Here is the direct link to the MT10A. If you are unable to find the help you need, refer to the X10 forum, where it is possible someone may have already asked or responded to a similar problem you are experiencing. Lastly, if you are still having problems, please contact X10 customer Support by emailing directly at support@x10.com.

Daniel says: I want to buy Active Home Pro 9 piece kit, but I am from Spain and I don't know if this product will be compatible with my electrical line of 220 Volt and 50 Hz frecuency. And another question, the electrical plug that I have in my house is distinct than yours...Is the product available for European/Spanish plug?. Thanks for your time.

X10Community: Hello Daniel, You can find the ActiveHome Pro 9-piece kit that is compatible for Spain by going to www.x10europe.com.

Petr says: I'd like to know more about you like where you are in the world and may I receive your products in Canada and what's the cost. You have a catalog of your product? Thanks

X10Community: Hello Petr. X10 Wireless Technology is based out of Seattle, WA, this includes our call center, support personnel, and marketing departments. However, we ship our orders from our warehouses in Las Vegas, New Jersey, or Mississagua, Ontario – whichever is closest to your location. As you are located in Canada, your orders will be shipped from the Ontario warehouse. The costs for our items varies depending on what you are looking at, however we do have daily sales and specials that you can find by subscribing to our newsletter. If you are looking for our online catalog, here’s a link where you can find it.

Jim asks: The instructions for the X10 on page 17 states Warning! The camera and power supply is intended for indoor use only. Do not install them outdoors. Yet in the answers to the question is the camera water proof? you reply that it is water resistant. Can this camera be placed on the outside of a building where the weather is sometimes cold and wet.

X10Community: Hello Jim, the cameras are weather-resistant, not water-resistant. This means that they are designed for use outside. However, they need to be protected from the rain.

Barbara asks: I found your site on Craigs list. I am looking for a wireless camera as a back up camera for our van. Do you have anything that would work? Thanks Barbara.

X10Community: Barbara, we carry a host of cameras that can be used many different ways. How do you plan on charging the cameras? Also, how do you plan on viewing what they transmit? If you need assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 800-675-3044 and speak to one of our consultants who can assist you.

Nik says: Hello, alive in Guadalajara, Mexico; it wanted to know if it is possible to buy its produsctos of alarm in about 10 at least Mexico or if they can send Protective 10 Extra Piece Security Kit to Mexico for several houses of a habitacional set. It would be thankful if they could send information in Spanish, in the corresponding E-Mail, Thousand Thanks

X10Community: Nik, thanks for writing in. At this time, X10.com does not directly ship outside of the US or Canada. However, I do know of a contractor with an International shipping agreement who has the ability to send these items to you. Keep in mind that the products work on the 110v electrical current, which works for your country, so there shouldn’t be any problems. If you are interested, please visit www.kingwoodautomation.com.

Nik, agradece por la escritura pulg. En este tiempo, X10.com no envía directamente fuera de los E.E.U.U. o del Canadá. Sin embargo, sé de un contratista con un acuerdo de envío internacional que tenga la capacidad de enviarte estos artículos. Tener presente que los productos trabajan en la corriente eléctrica 110v, que trabaja para tu país, tan allí no debe ser cualquier problema. Si estás interesado, visitar por favor www.kingwoodautomation.com. (English to Spanish translation courtesy of the Google Translator tool.!)

Do you have a question? Send it to us at community@x10.com.


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Hi, Can I use two or more transceivers across phases to receive and transmit x10 commands throughout the entire house, instead of using XPCR?

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