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Answers To Your Emails

Here is this weeks installment of Answers To Your Emails. Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

Mirene writes: I have been using X10 for the last 25 years and I love it, I can't do without. I am having a problem, I have a lot of modules around the house, but my system can not reach them all, I think I may need the X10 Pro Signal Amplifier Coupler Repeater (XPCR) am I right? How can I get it or what do I need. Thank you very much.

X10Community: Mirene, here is a direct link to the Coupler Repeater: http://www.x10.com/pro/automation/xpcr.htm. This device will be able to help you, especially if your residence is fairly large. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us 24/7 at 800-675-3044.

Laurel Writes: i live in a duplex in New Jersey. I wish to install video cameras at the front and back of my side of the building to watch my two doorways and my vehicle. The neighbor on the other unit has a teenage son who has friends and they have been vandalizing and harassing my property, even my car, while I was inside the vehicle. When I attempted to make a report, the boys claimed it was accidental and that I was just being mean. One person has told me I can install VISIBLE cameras as long as I also post warning notices that are easy to see letting it be known that I have a surveillance system in operation, and another person told me I cannot install those in any rented residences in New Jersey. I cannot find any law one way or the other but I sure do wish to buy a couple of cameras. I need to know about this first, though. thank you.

X10Community: Laurel, laws in every state vary when it comes to using electronic surveillance equipment. Some states allow video only with no audio, while others allow both, however under circumstances such as posting surveillance notices informing people they are being watched and/or recorded.. It would be best to find to first find out the laws of your state, as that will help you choose the type of system to suit your needs. X10 has the ability to allow you to build your own system, so when you are ready give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist.

Anonymous asks: A few questions about the camera systems. How much are the battery packs and how do you charge the packs? Do you send spam after a purchase? How does the item tell the VCR to start recording? Do I need a computer with this product?

X10Community: The battery packs run for $19.99 each. Here is a link where if you purchase one battery back, you get an additional 3 for free. The battery packs are primarily used as backup power in the event of a power outage. A fully-charged battery pack has the ability to run for up to 5 hours and uses 4 AA batteries.

When you inquire about spam, we do not sell or give out your email address to any 3-parties as we keep your email addresses in strict confidentiality. However, when you make a purchase, you are registered to receive our daily newsletter. If you wish to be removed from the newsletter mailing list, let us know and we are more than happy to oblige and remove you.

The VCR Commander works off of IR signals. Like a remote control, when the camera is triggered, it sends a signal to the VCR to record.

And based on the type of system you are searching for, you can choose to purchase one that does use or does not use a computer to records. It’s your choice, and we leave it up to you. However, if you do want the ability to record on a computer, please let your sales rep. know so they can choose the right package for you.

Anonymous asks: For the payment of this item do you accept debit cards?

X10Community: We accept debit cards as long as they have a Visa or Mastercard logo. In terms of credit cards, we accept all major brands.

Anonymous asks: About the wireless video sender kits, does it have remote control extender? In other words can i use my regular remote control from the room i have the receiver?

X10Community: Hello, you will receive the newest version of the video sender, the VK82, which has built in Powermid technology. This means that it does have a built-in remote extender, so you can use your regular remote control from the room where you have the receiver.

Anonymous asks: have a few questions. Do you have a phone number I could call?

X10Community: Sure. Please feel free to call us 24/7 at 800-675-3044. We will be more than happy to assist!


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I have a television on the second floor. I ordered the wireless video extender. The remote does not work. The instructions are very poor. The company E Mailed me a blog which was very technical. I still have not and cannot use the remote.

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