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Answers To Your Emails

Glenn asks “Do you still have model vt38a camera with dual floodlight lamp holders in stock?”

X10Community: Glenn, the VT38a Floodcam link can be found here for your convenience: http://www.x10.com/products/x10_vt38a.htm

James says: “Hello there, I’m a local police officer & interested in doing security installs. I was trying to see if I could get a catalogue? I’m interested in purchasing in bulk for doing home, store & small business installs. Primarily 4-9 camera, DVR or PC based recorders & also with internet access options.”

X10Community: “Hi James, you would be a perfect fit for our X10 Contractor program. Our contractors are able to purchase X10 items at a discounted rate and able to provide installation services charging normal rates on the sale of the products in addition to installation fees. Contractors are able to make a good living or earn supplemental income depending on how they choose to run their business. If you would like to learn more, feel free to visit our Contractor website at www.x10contractor.com. You can also speak to the X10 Contractor desk by calling toll-free at 888-455-5658. For convenience, we place all of our items online for you to preview. You can find our online catalog at www.x10.com/catalog.

Alfredo inquires “I need to know if on the 4 room system; all 4 cameras are in color? Also, does it come with an AC power adapter? It says that the battery pack last 4 hours with camera on. Does that means that you will not be able to have it on continuosly? Please, explain.”

X10Community: Alfredo, thanks for writing in. We manufacture many different types of cameras for many types of needs. Unless specified in the ad, the cameras you receive will broadcast full color. The ad you make mention of is a 4-camera full-color kit. Each camera is powered by an AC adaptor, so they are each plugged in to an outlet in order to receive power. The battery packs primarily serve a purpose during a power outage, They operate on AA-sized batteries, and a new set of batteries have a continual lifespan of 4 to 5 hours. If you need more assistance, please feel free to give us a call 24/7! We can be reached at 800-675-3044.


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X10, It looks as though you have some great products and deals. I would love to be able to monitor a set up remotely like from work or on business.
After having my car broken into twice, a monitoring system would come in handy. Is the software that comes with the products Mac compatible? Even the new Macs that are universal?
what would you suggest?

Hello Brian,

We do have monitoring products that can help. You are able to use them to monitor via Online.

I would recommend a wireless camera system, so you have the ability to see what is happening at all times.

At this time, the software is designed for Windows XP or older versions. So, unfortuantely, we don't have a version for Mac yet.

If you are interested in learning more, plese feel free to give us a call anytime at 800-675-3044 and speak to one of our consultants. We're more than happy to offer solutions and provide you a great deal.

X10 Community

this is to inform you that when i order my product i didnt order lola i ordered video pc to tv and i get lola instead
then im told i need software in order to use it you people send me show time i install it and what to my surprize
no password so for the 4th time i call back and wait and wait so on till i get some one that tells me i have to re order the same item and pay for it again to get a password
well big surprize not a happy camper made up my mind to pack your so call good product away and anyone asking about you're company will be told that you people are rip offs cause that what i got ripped off
just thought i'd be up front with you let you know what i think of your deals dont worry you wont be hearing from me again

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