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Answers To Your Emails

Here is this week’s installment of answers to your emails…

Anonymous: If I hook up the video sender to my satellite box in the tv room in my house and i buy a receiver for my room, will I only be able to view the same channel as the tv room, or will I be able to change channels on the television in my room?

X10Community: Hello. As the video sender is not designed to be used this way, unfortunately you will not be able to have much success with the method you describe. The most effective way is to use one cable/satellite box in the first room then to hook up the receiver on the second television.

Mrs. Cook asks: Please could you tell me if you have any suppliers of Xcam 2 floodcam in the UK, for 240 volt AC? I would be grateful for your help as I am unable to find anyone that sells anything like this.

X10Community: Mrs. Cook, for X10 products available in your country, please refer to www.x10europe.com

Paul & Susan mention: We purchased an outdoor system a few years ago which we just lost to a fire. Can you look up our records and let me know what we had so we can reorder. Thank you so much

X10Community: Hello. We are sorry to hear about your tragedy. We can certainly help you with your re-order if you call our Customer Service hotline at 800-675-3044. We are available 24/7.

Eliezer asks: Do you have distributors in Puerto Rico?

X10Community: Elezier, X10 ships products to Puerto Rico. If you are interested, you can order directly from our website at www.x10.com or call us at 800-675-3044.


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