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Josh's Lessons Learned...

It was a dark and stormy day… Actually I think it was pretty nice out,
actually. Sitting inside on a nice day is a bugger. Yet the powers that be
decided that today would be a better day than most. As I was slogging
through the ankle deep tech calls I encountered a very nice man from Canada.
He has an acute interest in setting up security for the oil fields in
Canada. We conversed for a little while and he left with a promise from me
to find a system that will work for his application.

Now, the critical part of his setup is that whatever we are going to be
doing on the system needs to be wired. This includes the necessary motion
activated recording. I was baffled as to how I was going to set up a system
with a wired motion sensor (so the techs don’t have to change batteries)
that would send a powerline command to the Active Home Pro to initiate
recording. Well, I was saved in a week or so when I discovered what to me
was a yet unknown goody from the vaults of X10. The Motion Monitor
floodlight can send out a powerline signal when it is tripped. Hooray!

I immediately started setting up a system to send my customer a quote of.
Luckily in the meantime we had received our new and long awaited Sentinel
camera system. The weather-resistant pan tilt and zoom camera was just what
the doctor had ordered for this oil fields. So, the lesson to be learned
from this… Where there’s a will there’s a way. Never undersell yourself. If
you look hard enough you can find something to do what you want...
especially with X10.


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