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Bret Saves The Day

Recently I received a phone call from a group of police officers in Minnesota. They saw our system after doing a search on the Internet and called me to find out some information about our Protector Plus voice dialer security system. I was explaining to this group on a conference call the features of the system and how it could help them. They informed me that there was a real and imminent threat upon their daily lives. I wanted to ask why they decided to call me…after all they are the police right?

This particular group of law enforcement officers arrested a high profile felon who was due to be released soon. They were receiving threats from this individual. Again that’s crazy maybe you should call the police I thought. Then the light bulb went off. With our security system in place X10 was protecting them. They can lead their daily lives without having to worry about their family or property. If anything did happen our system would catch them in the act. Then they would call the police…or themselves. In a way I’m responsible for protecting this group of police officers in Minnesota thanks to our Protector Plus system. Does this make me a deputy?


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