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I’ve Got Three Fans!

So over the weekend we hit a heat wave in Seattle. Oh man! I'm not used to this at all! I'm used to the cold and damp Seattle air. Myself and all the other Seattleites not used to this heat are moving in slow motion. So I was enjoying a cold adult beverage after mowing my lawn and looked at my dog…his face said it all. I needed to get some fans!

The wife and I went shopping for fans. It's been years since I've gone shopping for a fan. They even look different than they used to. They're not all round at the top, some are tall and skinny and I'm pretty sure I could stick my finger in one and not lose my finger. I didn't find any metal blades which is good. My uncle Rick had a mishap with a fan, some peanut butter, a bottle of Jack and a bad dare. That's a whole different story.

So while looking in this sea of breeziness at my local hardware store my wife points to this fan with a big fat $60 price tag on it. A 16" oscillating fan...with a remote. "Look honey it has a remote!" she exclaimed thinking surely Tony the gadget lover in me would jump at this. I didn't jump at this though. Instead I gave her a look that she now calls my X10 look.

She quickly understood the look and said "Oh that's right you have your remote." And she was right on the money. I showed her a $20 16" oscillating fan without a remote and let her know that I would pimp out the fan when we got home. So far with X10 stuff I haven't missed yet with my wife. Each suggestion has worked out to save us time or make life easier...well except for my idea for a dinner chime. It would work if it was used.

Back home I took three appliance modules and setup three fans. Told my wife what unit code each was set to and BAM! I was sitting in the living room with an iced tea with my fans on a timer as well as ready to go with my universal remote and keychain remote. So I have three fans with my existing remotes for the price of one of those fancy fans. Plus when go to bed I can turn off the fans in the other rooms by the touch of a button on my mini timer on my nightstand. Ah yes...it's good to have fans…even if we only get a week of summer up here.

-Tony McCarl
Superbowl Team Trainer


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hehe... You'll have to share that story one day about your Uncle Rick.... I'm sure he'd love for you to tell that one...

Isn't this weather something? it's too hot! Washingtonians are not used to this stuff, and no real "Washingtonian" has an air conditioner!

We complain when it rains too much, then we complain when we get too much sun....
figure that one out!

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