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Jeff Attempts To Use Superpowers

A customer called and was apparently having some difficulty in getting his camera system to work properly. Looking to provide the best support to customers I was more than happy to help.

The customer said “I can only see my wall!” and asked “What is the range on the cameras system?” I let the customer know our cameras wireless transmission can broadcast up to 100 feet. To make sure it would work optimally I asked what kind of walls he was going through. Brick, concrete, or even a big metal wall can shorten the range slightly. The customer didn’t answer the question and reiterated “I can only see the wall!”

At this point I have no idea how to trouble shoot this. I asked the customer, Can you move the camera to look around the room? He told me no, that wasn’t what he wanted to do. I was quiet a moment as I tried to figure out what the customer was attempting to do.

The wheels were spinning in my head then it hit me. I asked…”Sir, are you trying to use the camera to look –through- the wall?” He answered emphatically, “Yes!, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, why isn’t it working?”

I held back an embarrassed chuckle and stated, “I’m sorry sir, our cameras do not see through a wall.” He replied back somewhat disappointed “Your website said it could go 100 feet.” I reiterated, “Yes sir, the wireless signal between the camera and the receiver would travel 100 feet, but the camera cannot see through the walls” The customer thought about this a second thanked me for my help and said “you should come up with something that will do that… that would be great!” I told him “Yes sir that would be great…but until we have that you’ll just want to mount that on the other side of the wall.” He thanked me again for my help and went on with his day.

$79.99 for a camera that sees through walls! That would rule! We can package it with Xray Vision goggles and decoder rings…but until then we’ll just sell wireless cameras that don’t see through walls.


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This is a funny story! I love our customers!!! Some of them provide great stories... =D

Thanks so much for sharing, as this definitely made my day!

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