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Why take risks with your family’s health when you don’t have to?

Don’t just worry about potential dangers – learn the facts before you buy

With the abundance of home security cameras on the market, finding out the drawbacks of each one can be a difficult and time-consuming task. You don’t want to purchase an expensive camera only to find out that it uses potentially dangerous technology, especially if you’re using it to keep watch over your family.

As an informed consumer, you may have heard about the possible dangers of infrared radiation from certain security cameras. This is especially troubling as infrared radiation is often used as a method of illumination for baby monitors.

What you need to know about the dangers of infrared radiation

Scientific research finds that heat from infrared exposure has been known to lead to the development of cataracts. Prolonged exposure to intense optical radiation will, over time, be absorbed by the iris or cornea and converted into heat, which is then conducted to the lens of the eye, inducing the formation of cataracts.

The amount of exposure from infrared radiation in certain security cameras might be minimal, but isn’t it better to just eliminate the risk altogether and go with the security camera that will let you sleep soundly, secure in the knowledge that your family is safe?

Eliminate all risk with the Sentinel’s radiation-free Starlight Mode

With its technologically advanced Starlight Mode, the X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera is ideal for use as a baby monitor. Instead of using potentially harmful radiation to get a clear picture, the Sentinel’s Starlight Mode simply slows the camera’s shutter dramatically to let in more light, allowing for a crystal-clear full color picture even in the darkest of rooms.

With our Starlight Mode, you don’t have to worry about even the possibility of health risks for your family, and especially your children. We’ve eliminated any potential risk while still using the best available technology to capture any nighttime activity, avoiding risky infrared radiation to keep your family as safe as possible. With the Sentinel, you can sleep well knowing that your family’s health is not in danger.

Why take risks with your family’s health when you don’t have to? Use the X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera for all your home security needs.


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why can I not find any info on this subject anywhere but here? it is hard to believe when it is liked to a "better" camera advertisement. any thoughts?

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