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Microsoft Confirms New Music Player

Microsoft confirmed the plans for an entertainment device and software in a statement after touting those products to record companies in recent months.

The world's largest software maker faces an uphill climb in closing the gap on Apple's iPod media player and iTunes Music Store, the runaway leaders in their respective areas.

The iPod holds more than half of the digital media player market, according to research company NPD, while iTunes accounts for over 70 percent of U.S. digital music sales.

"Creating a lifestyle device, Microsoft is clearly going to face a battle here," said Michael Gartenberg, research director at JupiterResearch. "It's going to be hard for them to create the same level of cachet that Apple has with the iPod."

Microsoft sources said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, is working with J. Allard, vice president of its Xbox team, on the digital media player/software project.

Allard's involvement is seen as significant because he is one of the few executives at Microsoft with experience in launching a consumer electronic device from scratch with the X-Box gaming system. His involvement suggests that gaming might be part of the media player.

(Source: Reuters)


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No surprise here. Micro + Soft adequately describes the male anatomy of the company. They have built the company on others since the beginning when Gates bought DOS. (NO he didn't create it !) Anyway, Microsoft has been a company the either buys or copys what others have. So, it's no surprise that they would try to copy the iPod, heck, they've been copying Apple for 25 years. By the way, their new OS is only 3 years behind schedule. Geeze Whiz ! But then again they do make some good products, like Word, Keyboards and Mice. So, who knows ? Since they are very good at marketing.

Hey Jim,

I heard a lot of people complaining about Microsoft, but your description (male anatomy) I had never heard before!

I agree with you on most parts. I believe though that MS has to really watch what they're doing, which could also be a reason for the delay of the new OS. Gates said he wanted it to be "right" and will delay it as long as takes.

I think that's better than an OS filled with bugs. I am curious as to what it will bring. There isn't much competition on the OS market, unless you go Apple, but they just don't seem to make it on a broader scale (except for music/art applications).

There is some interesting development on the browser and email client market though, I think Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird are serious competitors and seem to get bigger by the day.

Right you are about consumer OS competition. When IBM gave free licence to anyone who wanted to build PC's. Apple didn't and missed the boat by a mile. They tried it later, but it was too late by then.
Although there has been and still is emulsion software and a hardware solution from Orange Micro that allows Macs to run windows software, it's never really taken a foothold. Now, with the advent of Apple switching to Intel processors and more competitive prices a new game is afoot. Enen though, to bring a PC up to Mac standards the actual cost is about the same or more, the initial cost is less. Therefore there is the preceivied notion that Macs are too expensive. The new Intel iMacs, Mini Macs, and Laptops, soon to be followed by the high end Macs, I'm sure will cut into PC sales. However, it will probable also increase sales of Microsoft Windows OS. As the new Macs can run both.
Do you remember the old Star Trek of the 60's ? Captain Kirk used a flip open communicator alibet the cell phones we have today. So, for a glimpse of what the future may bring, maybe we should start paying attention to SciFi shows.
have a good day.

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