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Google Enables AdSense for Search On Your Own Pages

Google announced and update for AdSense for Search that enables you to host the search results directly on your own pages, unlike before, where you were redirected to a Google domain.

Publishers using AdSense for search now have the option to open search results within their own websites. By adding an additional set of search results code to your page, you can display Google search results framed within your own site. This new option will help you blend AdSense for search into your site even further. You'll also have the added advantage of keeping users on your site while still offering them the useful information available through Google search.
(Source: Google)
How do I implement Adsense for search results on my own page?

Before you can implement AdSense for search results within your own site, be sure to create the page where the search results will be displayed. If your web host or site application does not offer you the ability to create an separate URL for your search results -- for example, if you're using Blogger -- you will not be able to implement your search results within your page.

Once you've created the page where search results will be displayed, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account at https://www.google.com/adsense.
2. Visit the AdSense Setup tab
3. Choose AdSense for search as the product.
4. During the first step of the guided setup, scroll down to the More options section and click the radio button marked Open results within my own site
5. Enter the URL of the page you've created in which you'd like search results to appear. You must create this page yourself; it will not be created or displayed automatically on the URL you enter. If you're familiar with relative URLs, you're welcome to enter one instead of the full URL.

6. Continue to choose any other options for your search box and results.
7. Copy the code generated in the Your search box code box and paste it into the HTML source of the page where you'd like to display the search box.
8. Copy the code generated in the Your search results codebox and paste it into the HTML source of the page on which you'd like to display the search results.
9. Save your webpages

Note: Any AdSense for search settings or options that you've selected, including Competitive Ad Filters and site-flavored search, will continue to work with search results in an IFRAME.


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