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I got interviewed!

Hello everybody!

Today I got interviewed by the X10 community director, Michael Mallari.
You can find the original here: http://www.x10community.com/article_meetx10marko_08162006.html

Here"s a text version of it:

Meet Team X10.com!
By Mike Mallari - August 16, 2006

We want to take the opportunity to introduce you to members of the X10.com team! Today, we sat down with Marko Wollschlaeger, one of the Web Producers at X10.com and had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Marko has been with X10.com since January of this year, working on many projects for the company. His striving to put out a great product has rewarded Marko and his team with many compliments from customers for his designs. Here’s what Marko had to say:

X10C: Tell us about your title and role at X10.com.

Marko: Most people here wear so many hats that it sometimes is hard to remember what my official title is. In fact, that is one of the things I really like about X10: They're not big on titles, but what you bring to the job! This thinking gives talented people a real chance to bloom! To answer your question: My title is Web Producer

X10C: How long have you been a web producer?

Marko: Like many web guys I always loved computers and everything around it. HTML and all the other languages gave me the opportunity to combine the technical with the creative aspect. Then, when you then add ecommerce to it, it really becomes fun! Many think I'm crazy (especially my wife!), but after 10 hours of computer work, I go home and work a bit on...you guessed it...my computer! :) I first started fooling around with HTML in 1997, and since 2000 I have done it professionally.

X10C: Prior to X10.com, what other companies have you designed sites for?

Marko: I worked for myself since 2000, designing many, many pages. A lot of my works were in somewhat of an academic background. For example, I built the Tacoma Public Library Intranet in 2001/2002. But I also have a love for music pages (what is it with web designers and music?), and I got the chance to design the site of my favorite band, Kingdom Come (www.kingdomcome.de). Other than that there are numerous short-term projects from advertising agencies to private websites for my grandfather in law.

X10C: Which sites have you worked on at X10.com?

Marko: You should ask which sites I HAVEN'T worked on! :) While I’ve had my fingers pretty much everywhere, my real babies that I can claim ownership on are:
www.x10sentinel.com, www.x10minitimer.com, www.newtox10.com and www.x10securitysystems.com

X10C: Can you tell me what you’ve learned or taken away from each of these sites? What do you do when you move on to the next project in order to be better than the previous?

Marko: Obviously, one learns all the time, especially in the web production business. A web producer that tells you he knows it all, most likely knows nothing. With every new project we try to apply what we’ve learned before. We put something out, test it, improve it and test it again. In a way that is the beauty of web production, it never gets boring!

X10C: Many people are pleased with your style, in fact, I hear you get many compliments from the forum members. How does this influence how you design your site?

Marko: Well, first of all, I believe in being nice. Sounds simple, but many people have no concept of it. As you know I am German, and I noticed that here in the states being nice is often misinterpreted as being weak. For me it takes much more strength and patience to stay nice even under pressure and it will always win out in the long run. So, I try to do the same in the forums. I am nice, I make an honest attempt to help out, and most important I try to listen! Not everything can be implemented, but on more than one occasion I was able to realize certain wishes of our community. A recent example was a pop-up that I disabled on all my sites after the community made me aware of some of the flaws. I wish I had more time to spend in and with the community.

X10C: You have your own team to assist you, can you tell us more about your team and who they are?

Marko: Firstly, if something goes wrong it was Owen's (my graphical merchandiser) fault! No, seriously it is great fun to work with my team. It can be a challenge sometimes to balance all the different opinions and personalities, but I love it. I believe in open communication and exchange, for it assures the best results. We joke a lot, yet work very hard, which is a great combination. All team members are involved in what's happening, so they understand WHY we're doing what we're doing. Usually, a small taskforce consists of a web producer, a graphical merchandiser and a copywriter.

X10C: What about your copyrighter? How is it working with her?

Marko: Well, she writes copy! :) Seriously, I am not good at writing copy, partially because I am German, partially because I am just more the programmer, marketer and search engine optimizer. I am very happy to have a good copywriter taking care of the copy. It's not easy to find good copywriters. Only good web producer are even rarer!

X10C: What does a graphical merchandiser do to help you out?

Marko: Good question. Owen, what do you do all day? Okay, Owen is responsible for pretty much any image you see on our websites, he also got into HTML lately, helping me out that way, too. And like I said before, I involve all my team members in the whole cycle of things. For example, Owen also helps me with statistics and numbers I need to base decisions.

X10C: What are some of your future goals in working for X10?

Marko: Well, I always want to grow professionally and personally. Fortunately, training and professional growth is very supported by X10's leaders. They believe in making an employee more valuable by training him. I think it's a win/win situation. So, learning and getting better in all aspects of my work is certainly my first goal. Furthermore, I would like to see the community grow and become a one-stop base for all people interested in home automation, security and much more. I would like to ask all members to keep posting their feedbacks, or comments in my blog www.x10community.com/marko .

X10C: What can people expect from Marko down the road?

Marko: An even better X10 experience!

X10C: Anything else you would like our reader’s to know about?

Marko: It's Owen's fault.


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