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My Introduction to X10 technology

It wasn’t until very recently that I had the chance to understand what x10 technology was about. I had seen this type of stuff before, but only on television. Gadgets that can turn your lights on and off while not even being in the same room, that being just the basic of things. This type of stuff has always piqued my interest, but I had never had the opportunity to try them until recently.

The day I started working for x10, I was given a box full of product to mess around with, and the goal was to take the product home and see what I could make of it. I remember that the big boss’s instructions were pretty straightforward on how to start setting up, so by the end of the day I found myself walking out of the door with this full box, a set of oral instructions, and a somewhat confused look on my face!

I was trying to focus on my task by trying to remember what the big boss had told me, but all I could recall when I got home was “After you hook up the doohickey to the watchamacalit and then plug into the thingamajig, that’ll tell your coffee pot to tell the refrigerator to tell the microwave that it’s time to wake up!”

I unloaded the box and found myself playing with the modules, transmitters, and receivers, making crazy things happen to my house. Lights were flashing at the click of a button, and appliances were turning off and on like crazy. This was fun! And it wasn’t as difficult as it seemed. The cool thing, I started to think of innovative ways to be creative and was even able to test some of the thoughts that would pop into my head.

Now with a little bit of a background, I have made it my mission to talk about some of the things I am able to accomplish. I know many of you are experts in this kind of thing so may have ideas that work better that what I discover. But this is the great thing about technology, there are more ways get a result than we can think of!

I’m looking forward to hearing from many of you. I’ll be posting many of the ideas I encounter, and am especially looking forward to reading about those of you who have found a creative side too.

Stay Tuned


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