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What does the future of Home Automation look like?

According to many people I’ve talked to, home automation is still in its infancy stage. The development of x10 started about 30 years ago and has evolved since. Imagine into the future 30 years from now, when possibly all modern houses come standard with the capability to turn on a specific light when you walk into the room, then automatically turn off as soon as you walk out., or if your television automatically turns on while in the room then automatically shuts off when you leave.

Technology is already developing which allows your home to automatically temperature-control your house and each room through the use of timers. In the morning, your house can turn the heater on prior to you awakening, then turn off after you leave for work.

A great benefit to home automation is the savings in the cost of energy usage. As the cost of living increases, many people believe that home automation helps to control these rising costs.

The Mississippi State University Extension Service offers a great website in regards to the future of home automation. Here’s the link in case you were interested: http://msucares.com/pubs/infosheets/is1606.htm.


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