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I’m at work today pondering several things as I perform my daily tasks. Each day I log into my email system, and every time I have a bazillion emails waiting for me, the majority being spam. Here's a thought, imagine some type of technology where each time a spammer sends you an email you can press a button on your keyboard and send that person a shock through the computer! Now that would be the ultimate device!

I guess that kind of leads me through my topic. I was just wondering about what types of breakthrough inventions that are left to be discovered? Not just things that people have a "want" for, like the Pet Rock, but things that become a "need" in life and have the capability to truly change the world?

Nowadays, just about everyone has access to a computer, whether by purchasing or even using one at the public library. The computer has become such a part of our daily life that even our language has evolved to a point that everyone uses terms like e-mail, Internet, and World Wide Web, as part of their daily vocabulary and assumes that the person they are talking to knows what those words mean.

What life changing events are left to be discovered? Any ideas or guesses? Write to me at michaelm@x10.com and share your thoughts.


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