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A Basic House of The Future

Want a great way to light a room of your house while you are in it -- without the hassle of looking for that X10 remote control? Try this experiment and you’ll feel like you just stepped into a “house of the future!” You’ll need a lamp module, a transceiver module, and a Hawkeye motion sensor.

Place all of these devices under the same letter frequency to ensure they are all in communication with another. Choose a room that you would like to experiment with and plug the three items into electrical sockets in that room. Attach a lampshade to the lamp module and make sure that the power is set to the ‘On’ position on the lamp. Now every time you enter the room, the light will automatically turn on, and after you leave the light will shut off on its own! You’ll never have to walk to the lampshade or flip a wall switch again!

To see how this concept benefited an X10 customer, click on the following link: http://www.x10.com/news/articles/0322_elder.htm

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