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Enjoy X10 and make a few bucks on the side!

I remember when I was fairly new to web design and would host my own sites. I used to browse the web at other people’s pages and wonder how was it that they were able to get advertisers to place their ads onto their pages. This used to bug me, as I could never figure this out. I used to try and call businesses to let them know that I had a website and was looking to place ads, but would never get anywhere doing this.

Finally, I had figured it out. Businesses and advertisers have what is called an Affiliation program. What this means is that they will advertise their banners on your page, and although you are not partnered with them directly, you are affiliated. How an affiliation program works is that by placing a business’s banner on your site, you earn a commission for each time someone purchases a product online from that business as a result of clicking the advertisement from your site. You don’t even need to have a shopping page, you just simply need to put a banner on and the automatic tracking does the rest.

X10 is involved with two affiliation programs: first is their own in-house, found at http://www.x10affiliate.com and the second through a medium website called Commission Junction, whose sole purpose is to bring advertisers and web designers together. There are many other Affiliate programs available, and you can easily find them by doing a search through a major search engine.

Joining an affiliate program is free and you don't have to pay for services!, Once you are accepted into the program, you are provided with different banners, and tracking reports so you can find out how much commission you are receiving. For those of you web-savvy designers looking for how to place ads onto your site, this is the process for doing this. You don’t have to directly contact businesses and try to throw salespitches only to get turned down. Just simply apply through an Affiliate program and you’re on your way to making your millions!


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