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The Gift of Laziness

Now who’d be crazy enough to disclose a gift before it is given? Well, of course I am! In honor of Father’s Day, I decided to buy a home automation package for my father, especially after getting a great deal courtesy of the X10 Midnight Bandit! In case you didn’t realize it, X10 employees go crazy too in trying to reel in the great deals!

Well anyways, I received the package and am excited to give it to my Pops. As he gets ready to enjoy retirement soon, he can be as lazy as he wants (shoot, he’s earned it afterall) and I am going to do my part to help.

Now with the control of one remote he can kick back in the comforts of his La-Z-Boy and control his lights, his television, his stereo, and his coffee pot. He’ll never have to get up with the exception of having to fill up his coffee pot.

What better gift than the gift of ultimate laziness? And in having siblings who like to compete to see who gave the better gift, let’s see my brothers beat that! And the winner for this years prize? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see…


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