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The Sweet Sound of Annoyance

Leave it to kids to find a way to turn something that was created as a means of being annoying to them into something useful. Call it a backfire and a misstep on the part of adults. Recently an inventor found a way to repel loitering teenagers by using an irritating high pitch sound that could only be heard by younger ears. This was meant to drive away these kids who were hanging around scaring away potential business and making a mess of the store grounds.

Now comes a news report showing how students have developed a ring tone for their cell phones that only they can hear and is totally oblivious to adults. Imagine that. Now kids have found a way to text message or receive messages in class unbeknownst to the ears of their teachers.

I guess the moral of the story is when you try and find a way to outsmart a child, you’ve only managed to outsmart yourself!


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