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X10 - Doing their part to Scare the Hell out of Friends

I have a funny story to share. My friends and I sometimes get together to watch movies sometimes late into the night. One time, it was horror movie night. I don’t remember what we were watching, I can only recall that it was a flick about ghosts and crazy things like that.

I have a dimming module and a remote control. During the movie, unbeknownst to them, I grabbed the remote and started playing with the lights while we were all seated in the living room. You could imagine their reactions when I threw in a few fake “What the … (you fill in the blank)”! There were screams, scares, and many shocked faces! When they finally figured out I was the culprit I almost received the beating of my life!

For anyone looking for a great prank, here’s a great way to get reactions from your friends! Just be ready for the consequences!


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